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Mod Post

Hey guys, just came by to make mention of a few things.

1) I finally found some time to work on the userinfo for the community. It's somewhat complete. I'll probably end up tampering with it some more tonight and tomorrow. If anyone hates it or if there are any suggestions as to what to add to it, then please let me know ASAP. I'm willing to give a shot at fixing the layout, but I might start this at a later time.

2) I have an idea for a new contest, and all it requires is some creativity. Basically, the current idea I have is to pull out either a screen shot or manga scan and have the members fill out the bubbles or idea of the shot. Yes, that's right, a caption contest. I haven't exactly worked out the details of the prizes and stuff, but I think a banner will due just fine for the winners. Eventually, a different contest involving fanfics, etc. will be announced as well, and would most likely involve better prizes. ^_^x.

3) shizuyuki came up with this idea, and I think it would work once we start coming closer to some sort of holiday. Basically, we'd have an exchange type event. All participants will be given a person to create something for. Ideas and such will be given to each participants, and you can begin exchanging through out the month. This is still a work in progress, and might not happen any time soon, but just thought people should know.

4) The communities memories have been organized. All new entries will be added when posted from now on.

5) A while back, someone posted 100 Themes to be completed by this community, and it was only recent that someone has started to take up the challenge of it again. Details can be found here. If you plan to participate, please make sure that everytime you make an entry, that you state the theme somewhere in your post that way I know it's for the 100 theme.

6) We've actually made it past 200 members! The community has certainly grown, and we definitely shouldn't stop here! Thanks to all the members for making this place so awesome. *pats on the back for all*

I think that covers everything. If there are any suggestions or something I have forgotten, I'm willing to listen. Just drop me a comment in this post.

-BC <3
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