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A short drabble, written to celebrate surviving the Economics final. Cheh. :P Spoilers for current anime-arc.

Cross that rules the Southern Sky!
Stars that sweep and wheel and fly,
 Hear the Lovers' Litany:
  Love like ours can never die!"
-Rudyard Kipling

* * * 

Set at some indeterminate point after the current arc ends.
* * *

Tenten stood with Neji and Lee, the three of them watching amusedly as Naruto talked excitedly with his new friends from the Hidden Village of the Star. The mission, as was the mission in Bird Country, had been a roaring success and everything had been neatly and happily wrapped up. They had not only protected the Star for which the village existed but also managed to unravel old secrets and end old grievances, leaving the village in much better shape than they had found it.
And in the process, of course, Naruto had ended up making friends with everyone there. Even with Sumaru, or perhaps especially Sumaru, who was now pounding Naruto on the back and making enthusiastic plans of what they would do when they were both Kages. The other young ninja of the village were gathered around the two, chattering and smiling; Tenten even suspected that one of them, a young girl she had heard Naruto cheerfully addressing as “Hokuto-chyaaan!”, had a bit of a crush on the blond-haired genin. She stifled a grin, wondering what Hinata would do if she or Neji told her about this.
Naruto, throwing his head back as he laughed, caught sight of his fellow Konoha genin and waved them over. The village children, now as appreciative of foreigners – at least Konoha foreigners – as they had been wary before, happily made space for the three of them. Naruto tugged Neji and Tenten into the center of the crowd by their wrists, letting Lee bound his way after, and began introducing them.
“Hey guys, this is Neji, and this is Lee, and this is Tenten,” Naruto sang out. “They’re my team-mates! This guy, he’s got these wicked cool eyes that go like ZIIING and he can see everything around him, I’m not even joking. And geji-mayuu here is the best at taijutsu! You should see him, he can go so fast! She’s Tenten, and she can kick all your asses at any weapon you want,” he babbled, taking as much pride in his descriptions of Team Gai’s talents as if he was attributing them to himself. Tenten smiled a little at Naruto; every time she saw the younger orphan she liked him more and more. He was loud, and brash, and he lived like his mind was always three steps behind his actions; but he had a good heart, and he held his friends in genuinely high esteem.
Out of the corner of her eye, she could see Lee almost bursting into noisy tears at Naruto’s rough compliment of his skills; Lee was always moved by any acknowledgement of his worth, after being so downtrodden and jeered at in his youth. Even Neji’s mouth softened a little, even if his Byakugan had been inaccurately described as “going ZIING”.
Naruto began to introduce the crowd of young Hoshi ninja to Team Gai, who hadn’t really interacted with them as much as Naruto had. As Naruto rattled off the names – Hokuto, Genjiboushi, Kanatsuki, Hoshiko - Tenten had to bite on her lip to keep from laughing. Obviously they took their stars very seriously here. She herself had more than a passing interest in astrology and astronomy – she planned on discussing certain discrepancies in the movement calculations for a star cluster with some of the elders here before they left – but to have every child named for a star?
“And this is Nejiten!” Naruto announced cheerfully. Tenten was shaken out of her thoughts at the proclamation.
What?!” she sputtered, vaguely aware that Neji was repeating her question in stereo. Lee, a little behind the two of them, was grinning broadly.
“I said, Nejiten,” Naruto said again, looking puzzled. “Why?”
“I’m named after the star of Nejiten,” said the aforementioned genin, who had black hair and dark glasses hiding his eyes.
“NEJITEN!” Tenten repeated dumbly. “That…that can’t be…”
“It’s on the star-charts, dated from thousands of years back. Star-charts from the lost civilizations before the rise of the Shinobi countries,” Nejiten offered. “You want to see?”
Inner-Neji was throwing a party. ‘We ARE written in the stars!’ he crowed. ‘Hah!’
“Who would name a star Nejiten?” Tenten asked the air.
* * * 
Dedicated to andreah_treole for obvious reasons. 

Come on, the arc and andreah_treole’s awesome star-naming happening at the same time? DUDE. IT WAS FATE. It was FATED STARS. Or STAR FATED, I dunno which. Either way…
On star-names; Hokuto, who really is in the series, means ‘Northern Star’; Kanatsuki is what the three belt stars of Orion are called in some fishing regions in Japan; Genjiboushi is the Japanese name for the star Rigel; and Hoshiko means ‘star-child’.
Speaking of Hokuto, isn’t Naruto totally pimpin? As if to make up for the sheer hate he experiences in Konoha, Naruto’s got women interested in nearly every other country he goes to. There’s that princess in Snow Country, Yukie I think her name is, then the Kaima-girl in the Anko arc, and Sasame the redhead from the first filler arc, then Toki the princess-posing-as-her-twin-brother in the Bird Country arc, and stretching the point, he met Tsunade when they were both out of Konoha.
Naruto, you international playa, you.

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