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Hello! ^_^

Um... Hello. (waves) I'm a new member of this community, but I've been following it for a while now because Nejiten = ♥

So, anyways, I present you with two drabbles for the 100 Themes Challenge.

Hot Chocolate
Theme: Memory/Comfort

He sat at his table, slowly stirring his hot chocolate, and looked down into the silky brown liquid. Something registered in his mind, and he couldn't help wondering why the color looked so familiar and made him feel so... calm. Then, as he lifted the mug to take a sip, he finally realized why. Lowering it down, he grinned and stared into it.


Theme: Protection

Sunlight beamed through her window, and Tenten woke up feeling rather... good. Rolling over to her side, she smiled at the man lying next to her and placed a light kiss on his forehead. She sighed happily and recapped the events from the night before. She was smiling slightly as she remembered how good it felt, but it quickly dissolved and her eyes grew wide as she realized something.

"Shit! We didn't use protection!"

Well, there you go. I hope you like it. Reviews are wanted and appreciated!
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