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More Screencapped Goodness

Ahhhh Hi! It's me again ^_^ Some of you might remember I screencapped some Team Gai filler arc some time ago O_o I can't remember.
But now Team Gai embarks on yet another filler adventure! This one is about stars...

And a new starting too! This first pic is from the new opening ^_^ I like the song it's all happy, and good animation. It's by Flow! (they did Go!!! The 5th opening I think O_o) It's called Remember.
Yay for Tentens outstretched neck! 

Okay ^_^ Tenten was asking about some secret jutsu <_< >_> <_<  And Neji is like "NO TENTEN! BAD TENTEN!" =P but it's nice he used her name... sometimes I feel like he's forgotten it -_-;

I just think Tenten looks cute here X3 She's all "I'm sorry :D" And afterwards Neji stares at her some more <_< >_>

...yes Tenten is staring at Neji and all his smexy glory... >_____> And Naruto is clueless as always *sigh*

XD This isn't NejiTen but it's funny, we see Lee and Tenten using their uber genjutsu skillz to follow a suspicious person. They are in some...barrel thing XD It has an eyehole

This is new ending. It's by the same people who sung 'Wind' (The first Naruto ending >_>) it's called Yellow Moon. Tenten is on a cellphone! Who is she calling? Neji? Neji *nods head* it has to be Neji

 Hee hee =3
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