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NejiTen fanfic:

At last, I finished this darn thing... (I had to rewrite it T.T) Sorry if it slightly sucks...

Title: Boy and Girl. A Love Story
Author: Kazuko-chan (me)
Summary: Girl likes boy. Boy doesn't know (or does he). Boy gets engaged. This slowly kills girl. What happens next?
Couple: Obviously... NejiTen

Boy and Girl. A Love Story


I've been dreaming of you tonight
Coz tomorrow i been holding you tight
and there's nowhere in the world i rather be
Here in my room, dreaming about you and me


She hated this.

But at the same time, she loved it.

Hyuuga Neji

It wasn’t really his fault. Actually, it was nobody’s fault. It just came in naturally and no one was to blame for this.

She fell in love with Neji.

Yup, it was true.

At first, she just thought it was just a normal, school girl-like crush. Except, she doesn’t really show that she likes him. But, after some events, it turned out to be more than that.

It certainly wasn’t love at first sight

Neither was it puppy love



It’s true love.

Maybe she just love the thought of being in love


Everything was just fine and dandy until this day came.

Recently, she heard that a Hyuuga was getting engaged. She thought it was Hinata or another Hyuuga member, but it turned out to be him.

All she knew about the girl is that she’s the Kirikage’s daughter and she possesses a very powerful bloodline limit. She was the ideal Hyuuga bride for some of them


“Hell, life sucks…”

Yup, this is all she needed. Neji was engaged and the damn radio kept playing love songs she didn’t exactly need right now

Reminiscing sweet memories
Memories of you at my room, existing
still thinking of you
Even if you’re gone, it feels like you’re still here

She just couldn’t sit here and sob forever, can she? She needed to do something

“A walk would be nice”

But where? She couldn’t go to Gai or Lee’s place; she’ll just be annoyed to death. No, not to her friends; they wouldn’t understand her. How about…

‘…the lake’


This place was very precious to her, somehow. How can it be not? This place is where she first met Neji.

No, it wasn’t the place where their team met

It was the place where, somehow, they became friends


She wasn’t sure when but she was pretty sure it was before his father was beheaded. The memory was still fresh from her mind. It was a sunny bright day. While she was walking along, she just happened to walk by the lake. There, she saw someone crying alongside the lake.

Feeling concerned for this person, she thought that it would be good if she comforted him/her. And so, she walked nearer to this character.

Smiling, Tenten handed her handkerchief to him “Here… don’t cry, now”

The pearl-eyed boy received it with appreciation then hugged the brunette

“It’s alright…”


As she reached her destination, she saw an individual who was casually sat along the lake.


Her lips curved into a small smile. What could he be doing here?

“Oi, Neji” the brunette called out

The white-eyed boy turned back then smiled “Tenten,”

“What cha doin’ here?” the girl asked, while she was staring at the seemingly perfect blueness of the water. The view was romantic to her

“Nothing,” he answered quite plainly

“I heard you were engaged” the brunette spoke, still not taking a glance of the boy


“So, congratulations”

“Hn…” Usual response from Hyuuga Neji

An awkward silence soon followed. Sometimes in life, we just need something like the surprise factor.

“Tenten, I love you” the Hyuuga blurted, breaking the silence

Her eyes widen with what he has just said “W-What?”

“Tenten, I love you. Aishiteru. Wo Ai Ni. 1 4 3. Mahal Kita. J’teme. Te Amo” he faced her with eyes that show a lot of emotion. Mostly, love “I’ll marry you in all the churches/temples in the world just to prove how much I love you…”

“Neji… I… I” she paused for a moment then looked down “I’m sorry but I don’t think this is right. I mean, you’re engaged for heaven’s sake. Just invite me to your wedding, okay?” the chocolate-eyed girl forced a smile. She has no idea why she even said that

The Hyuuga frowned then smirked “Alright,”

She was shocked. Well, that was much unexpected

“In fact, I’ll make sure you’ll have an important role in my wedding” he slowly wrapped her arms around her, pulling her closer to him “You’ll be the bride”

Tenten’s face reddened. Could this really be happening to her?

“Ne¬—“ she was silenced when Neji kissed her. For a moment the whole world revolved around one boy and one girl.

“Besides, it’s not only my wedding, but ours” Neji said just as the kiss ended.

He smiled, she smiled and they knew right away, this was the day they had waited for all their lives.

“Aishiteru Neji-kun…”

“Aishiteru Tenten…”

-The End-

“Hey, Neji?”


“If we’re gonna be married in all the churches/temples in the whole world, shouldn’t we get married as soon as possible so we can finish soon?”

“B-Bu-But… I…”

-The End… Again-

shit again, sorry if it sux. I had the idea at night and some of the good details, I forgot... T_T

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