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I have stopped by this community a few times and quite enjoy it. I love the pairing of Neji and Tenten which is why I am obessed with getting a Neji cosplayer to cosplay with me...

Anyways for my first post, I bring you a drabble...what is happening though in it is loosely based on events that went on between my roleplay character Tenten and the Neji roleplayer.

Title: Kitten
Author: tentenchan
Rating: PG?
Words: 355

Everything was left forgotten once the two sat down and gazed into one another’s eyes. He watches her close her auburn eyes as she leaned up to lightly brush her lips against his.
His owned clouded eyes closed as he recaptured her lips; one hand went to cradle the back of her head while the other cupped her left cheek, gently caressing her cheek with his thumb.
Her mumbled words tickled his lips and he pulled away, pressing his lips against her forehead instead.
“I told you to call me Neji.”
He knew she could be silly and playful but at a low extent. Her next actions though proved her to be as playful as the kitten Neji had just bought her.
Her auburn eyes twinkled as she rubbed her nose against his and then moved to rest her cheek against his. She proceeded to crawl into his lap next, nipping at his earlobe while she moved.
“Yes, Neji-san?” Her hot breath tickled his ear and her giggle filled his ear.
“Neji,” she repeated after him as she brought her face back in front of him. He smiled a bit as he captured his lips. He was beginning to regret not admitting his feelings earlier for the pleasure he got when he was with her.
She was one of the few. One of the few he could be affectionate too. He could easily offer out a hand to her and then after she took it he would be able to pull her close.
Something jumped into Tenten’s lap who was in Neji’s lap. It was the gray tabby kitten.
“Aww…look he likes you, Neji.”
“Stay the night?”
“I could go for that.”
“It is an A-ranked mission.”
The girl giggled as he moved the cat off them and then moved her onto the couch; almost lying down on top of her but his elbows supported him, “I could go for an A-ranked mission right about now.”
“Hm? Is that so?” She purred like the kitten that she could act like as she nestled against his chest.
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