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NejiTen Cosplay Pics

Well. Went to Ozine Con, stayed for like, three five-minute intervals and ditched the entire thing. Crappy venue. Boring event. Or if it was fun, we couldn't enjoy it because it was difficult to stay inside.

What we did instead was hang out in the mall [yes, in costume] while I bullied the Neji and Tenten I was with into posing for NejiTen shots, with our 'groupies' Stay and Sandra helping us. So I had a great time, although it was outside the con. My only regret is that I didn't get pics with Gaaras and Sasukes. ^^; But I got my Neji and Tenten to do NejiTen!!! So it was indoors and the lighting was crappy, but what the heck!!! [Something to look forward to: they agreed to an outdoors picnic photoshoot as long as I feed them blueberry cheesecake and lasagna. XD]


Warning: Pictures and pictures, and pictures!!!

Tenten-neechan helps Neji-san with his forehead protector! [It's not as easy as in the anime, you know!]
Tenten: Soft, perfect hair~~~
Tenten cosplayer: Soft, perfect hair~~~this is so canon...

Then Neji-san helps Tenten-neechan. ^-^

Neji cosplayer: *flicks headband straps*
Me: Odd. In the anime, those things never get in the way of his food!
Neji cosplayer: Well in the anime, they never have to wear pink wigs either.
Tenten cosplayer: Hahahahah!
Me: -______-

Remember the anime scene! XD
Me: In the anime, Tenten used one hand.
Tenten cosplayer: Well in the anime, glasses don't slip.
Me: T________T

He grabs the glass and for a split-second, he's holding her hand! XD
Neji cosplayer: How do I grab her hand?
Me: *positions hands* Like this!! *looks* SQUEEE!!!!
Neji and Tenten: *blush*
Neji and Tenten cosplayers: -_____-;;

Helping Neji-san with the arm bandages. XD

As with many things, it's not quite as easy as in the anime!

Because Tenten-neechan should give Neji-san some love!!!
Tenten: *ish happy*
Neji: *ish trying not to show that he ish happy*
Me: SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! You guys should end up together!!!
Neji and Tenten cosplayers: We're killing you later.

Neji: Hn?! [Trans: What's that?]
Tenten: It's Pocky.
Neji: Hn? [Trans: What's Pocky?]
Tenten: It's a biscuit stick with a sweet coating. This one is chocolate.
Neji: Hn. [Trans: I don't like sweets.]
Tenten: Just eat it, dammit!

Neji: Hn... [Trans: Only if you bite the other end.]
Tenten: *bites*
Tenten: *blush* Why am I doing this again?
Neji cosplayer: This isn't anime, this is "Lady and the Tramp!"
Me: It's fanart.
Tenten cosplayer: Disney movie.
Me: Fanart.
Neji and Tenten cosplayers: Disney movie!
Me: Fanart!
Neji and Tenten cosplayers: Disney movie!!!
Me: Fanart!!! Just do it!
Neji and Tenten cosplayers: *feel abused*

Since I was color-schemed like a Valentine card, might as well be the heart, right? ^.^ [I hope you guys are paying attention to the pins they are wearing on their clothes! XD]

Ninjas gettting bored in the mall.

The only girl who can make him laugh...

... And get away with stuff like this. XD

Eating in a restaurant, deciding on the food. Is it a date or what? ^-^

Tenten: It's unfair! How come you have hair like this? You're a guy!
Neji: *laughs* Hn. *but really was just enjoying an excuse to be touched*

Tenten: Seriously! It should be illegal for you to have hair like this!
Neji: *stares*
Tenten: Blah, blah, blah.... *oblivious*

Neji cosplayer: This is so Archie comics.
Tenten cosplayer: I agree.
Me: You guys look cuuuuuuuuuuuuute~

Tenten: Whee....
Neji: Hn. [Trans: I'm much too cool for this. Not that I'd move or anything.]

What if situation of sorts...
Neji: Must you really feed me?
Tenten: You can't use the chopsticks properly.
Neji: This is so undignified.

Neji: Fate.... Destiny.... Yadda-yadda....
Tenten: *snore*

No need for words. ^-^

Tenten: See, it's not so difficult!!
Neji: Of course not. *fumbles*
Tenten cosplayer: You're kidding, you can't use chopsticks.
Neji cosplayer: No kidding. *fumbles some more*
Tenten cosplayer: *is thisclose to holding his hand*
Me: *waiting*

Under the table. XD Neji-san, do you still plan to return that hand? XD

Tenten: And if someone sees this?
Neji: *doesn't care*

Sakura: I saw that!!!
Tenten: Crap...
Neji: *seriously hates pink now*

While Sakura's back is turned....

Tenten: Now, Neji!
Neji: Die fangirl, die!!

Sakura: Hahah! You didn't think I'd be that easy to beat?
Tenten: Err... yes?
Neji: You sure you know what to do with kunai? You can't fight worth shit.
[Can too, you angsty bird-counter!]

Neji and Tenten: You are so dead.
Neji and Tenten cosplayers: You are so dead.
Me [As Sakura, or myself? Does it even matter? ^^;]: Meep!!!

Being a fangirl isn't that easy...
Me/Sakura: Err.... oh well, it was nice knowing you guys. @______@;;;

For all the pics click here and here.


Credits: Thanks to the Neji and Tenten cosplayers, 'Arwin' and 'Jasmin' azdariel . Not their real names because they'd die if their photos were tracked down by our mutual friends. ^^; You two rock, definitive Neji and Tenten, really. I am very proud that you are my friends, orgmates, and countrymen. =D Seriously, thank you for being such good sports and making me [and a lot of other fangirls, I'm sure] happy. Thanks to Stay for helping us dress up and take pictures. Thanks to Sandra for putting up with our [especially, my] insanity. And finally to ME because I had to bribe them [who do you guys think paid the prop food? =P] and bully them, and endure glares and assorted other threatening gestures just to get these pics. =P Heheh, no, I'm not complaining. I'm really grateful, 'Arwin', 'Jasmin'. =)


Well, I hope that about serves as my Christmas gift to this community. =)

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