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are you anti-tenten too?

i don't know if this post is off topic or not because it deals with mostly tenten... but since tenten automatically has neji in the package i'm hoping it's still in topic. harhar...

so~ over on a reviewer wanted to "wake me up" on how useless and stupid tenten is by bashing her. sure, sure everyone's entitled to their own opinion [duh] but i really don't see a reason why tenten is well... hated to that degree. i mean, she has very little to no character development, most of her character actually comes from fanfiction or fanart. where does all this anti-tenten come from?

[please don't tell me it's because she lost that fight to temari...]

then there's the arguement that neji doesn't deserve someone like tenten because he's all strong and good looking and what not. but we've went over the neji and tenten dynamic already. it sort of makes sense... right? plus, appearance wise- i think tenten's the most attractive female genin in the series.

there were other things mentioned but i really don't care what the person wrote aside from bashing tenten.

i am not complaining about a stupid flame or whatnot because that's juvenile and stupid. what i do want to know is since when was tenten such a hated character? and why?

character bashing is just uncool. **pats tenten on the head**

[[[this is my first official post here ^^v]]]
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