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06 November 2004 @ 03:36 am
Heyya Minna!

Out of curiosity, who here loves to draw? I have a Nejiten pic idea I'd like to challenge any willing with.
ren1113 on November 6th, 2004 05:33 am (UTC)
yay! fanart challenge!!

i've been wanting to do neji/ten fanart for a while now.. ^^
Sentorasentora on November 6th, 2004 12:53 pm (UTC)

Well Kikafan and I came up with an interesting scenerio for the couple over at the Naruto RPG we're in, Icha Icha Paradise.

The Hyuuga Clan Elders and Hiashi have given adult Neji an ultimatium: Find a wife and continue the Hyuuga bloodline, (hoping his children will be geniuses like him) or accept their choice of a wife, namely Hanabi. Already temporarily blinding himself attempting a new techinque, this hasn't been Neji's week.

Tenten volunteers herself, planning to stall them long enough to help Neji find a way out of this mess. Neji agrees to the plan, after all, they're already best friends, how differcult can it be just living together pretending to be engaged?

*Neji Smirk* Yeah, we know how plans like this can go wrong lol. Not to mention they don't know the REAL reason why Neji's being pushed to produce heirs...

Anyways, I challenge the imaginations of all Nejiten fanartists here to come up with scenes concerning the scenerio. They can range from humorous to romantic and yes, I'll even take hentaish ones *evil grin* The injury to his eyes isn't a restriction, so if you wish to ignore it go ahead.

Some scenerios we've already explored that may inspire.

Clothes Thief: Tenten enjoys stealing and wearing his shirts around the house, which are huge on her and somewhat annoys him for reasons he rather NOT admit lol. She also teases him about how peeved he gets.

Puzzlebox: His nickname for her, since he enjoys the challenge he has in figuring out her quirky personality and where their relationship really lies. He's also not in a great hurry to figure her out either because he enjoys the mystery. The first time he calls her that could be a nice waffy scene or adultish.

Sharing a kimono or blanket: *smirks* I think this one is explainitory. Again, waffy, humorous, or adult

Have fun!