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you know we all love angst...

cuz there hasn't been that much activity on here compared to the </a></a>ten_squared community, I thought I'd "brighten" up your days.  ironic seeing how this story is filled with sorrow and angst.  NE ways, enjoy!

Title: Grieving Anguish
Fandom: Naruto
Pairing(s): implied SasuTen, implied LeeHina, one sided NejiTen, KibaHina fluff, and a forced NejiHina; all wrapped up in an angsty and tragic undercoat
Disclaimer: Naruto not mine. If that wasn't clear to you before, then take into consideration as to why I would be writing a fanfic when I could just put it into the storyline. DUH!

what tragedy brings )

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