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Title: Stiff
Series: Naruto
Disclaimer: Naruto and its characters do not belong to me.
Rating: R
Warning: Possible squick.
Length: 150 words.

She was amazingly pale, skin alabaster and glistening with the dew of just-after-rain. High spots of color only now began to fade away, bleeding back into her cheekbones. He touched a long curl of hair, plastered to the side of her face, torn loose from her normally tight buns. Like porcelain.

Neji bit his lip, hips rocking forward one last time as he came--dark blood leaked from the corner of his mouth. Stomach muscles clenched reflexively into neat squares as he collapsed over her, hair spilling like oil on her skin. Without a sound.

As he achingly pressed bloodied lips to the curve of her neck, he could almost imagine her chest heaving, the sharp twist of nails curving into his spine. And if he could just overlook the sharp angle her head twisted back at, the eyes startled and glazed, it might not be such a bad arrangement.
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