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i wrote this during a very sleepy state, so please, be kind. it's not my usual one shot. it's probably just a drabble. i don't know... i still feel sleepy... oh, gods, still sleepy...

Fandom: Naruto
Pairing: Nejiten
Genre: Humor/Romance ==> whatever, i'm not sure...
Rating: G.
Summary: It's Halloween and Tenten needs a costume for their themed party.
Notes: I wrote this because [no, not because i'm sleepy] it reminded me of a Halloween party at my former school. I actually didn't want to remember it again but... then again... ah, whatever!

Tenten isn’t your ordinary kunoichi. She never liked putting on make up and nail polish, wearing frilly dresses or even fixing her hair fashionably. She’d rather wear boys’ clothes, getting down and dirty, than check every now and then a speck of dirt on her nails. Even when a themed Halloween party was announced, she was one of the girls who didn’t run to the nearest seamstress to have the perfect costume sewn. But not that it was a surprise to her. After all, it had been a tradition in Konoha to hold a party in celebration of Halloween.

But this year [Tenten knew something it had something to do with dozens and dozens of liquor bottles], the theme was something special. Something interesting as well as irritating. It was…

“Dress up as your favorite Konoha shinobi!”

At that moment, Tenten knew this party would be a disaster for her. Even after taking tips and advices from her fellow kunoichis, it was obvious she didn’t have a ‘favorite’ shinobi. Sakura has one, Ino has one, Hinata and Temari also has one. A favorite shinobi. And after hours and hours and hours of trying to pick a costume, she finally found one. That is, after acquiring help from a certain kunoichi.

When Tenten came to the venue, she was expecting to see so many girls wearing the same costume. Obviously, she was quite wrong since there were more girls-in-Sasuke-costume. She grinned inwardly. At least, it won’t be that bad. Well, that is, before her ‘favorite’ shinobi came to her, wearing something she didn’t expect.

“Neji!” she exclaimed, stifling a laugh at the Byakugan user’s costume. Neji glared at her darkly. She giggled behind a hand, not wanting to comment anymore. After all, it wasn’t everyday to see the Hyuuga Neji dressed in a pink Chinese blouse and dark cargo pants, with his hair tied into buns. “In fairness, you look… look amazing!”

He threw her a dry look. “That’s got to be the understatement of the century, coming from you,” he replied icily, eyeing her costume as well, the female version of him minus straight hair and white eyes. “You don’t look bad yourself.”

Tenten looped an arm around his, her long wavy hair bouncing behind her, a ridiculous smile on her face. “You’re just saying that so you won’t have to criticize the way you look every single day. Besides, I know you’re flattered that at least someone had dressed up like you.”

Neji smiled at her faintly, catching on her joke, when he suddenly realized something. He stared at the familiar white shirt she was wearing. “Tenten, I know you’re supposed to be me, but…” He pointed at her shirt. “Where did you get that shirt?”

“Oh,” she smiled evilly. “Hinata-chan gave it to me!”

Tell me what you think... Please... Pretty please? (^__~)

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