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Warning: Angst

Neji didn't see it coming.

Hinata knew it would happen.

He didn't understand why.

She was the reason.

She is missing. Her room is clean, tidy, like she hadn't gone home. The fridge was full of his favorite buns. The cupboard was full of tea leaves to his favorite tea. Her bedspreads are no longer pink, but his favorite shade of gray. The smell of Jasmine is fresh. But her shadow and laughter is missing. She no longer seeks out Neji to train. She no longer runs to his room when lightning streaks the sky. There is no longer warm, chinese buns waiting for him when he shows up for missions. There is no one who dares to snap at him as openly as she does. No one else who gives him friendly touches which he detests but secretly loves. No one else to comfort him like she does.

His blank eyes sweep towards the picture of the girl he had admired for so long. The girl whose hair was often done up in buns. Whose clothes always contained a touch of pink. Whose smile lit up the room. Whose voice he would hear miles away as he sat in his room. Her determination and confidence was worthy of his admiration. The sparkle in her eyes and the laughter of her voice despite all that she has been through. Orphaned was the word. Forgotten was the feeling. All that she held inside of herself. No one knew, save except some. Those with open eyes do not see, yet others, who turn away, like Hinata, they see the most.

Everyone else would think she was empty of emotion. Empty of personality. Except those stark white eyes tried not to see the vibrant colors of her world. For Hinata knew, Tenten only wanted Neji to understand.

But he doesn't.

He can't see that she is gone because of the chains that bound onto him. He doesn't know that he will never see her again. Her body which was burnt to ashes after being found drained of blood, in the middle of a field they knew so well. He is often kept away by secret ANBU missions. Even Hinata barely catch a glimpse of him. The wind which brought him Tenten's disappearance was lying. Tenten didn't disappear. She is dead. Obviously, he doesn't know. Because he still goes to her apartment and cleans out the dust. He still places fresh Jasmine flowers.

Hinata doesn't have the heart to tell him that Tenten has died almost 4 months now. Because of the child she carries. No one told Neji, because they know he loves her. No one told Neji, because they fear he might hate his family. His blood.

Tenten loved Neji more than anyone else. Even shy little Hinata whose heart still belonged to the loud, blond Hokage, who looks more and more like the Yondaime everyday. Even she would tell you that. But fate was cruel, as they tied two cousins together, and let wounded hearts bleed. Made brown eyes cry. And when they yearned for a heir... It made brown eyes die.

Her heart is broken, for he does not know, he is seeking a shadow, while she rests in peace.

Ok. Horrible. I know.. My first attempt at NejiTen. Hehe.. Umm... I don't know how to cut, can anyone teach me?
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