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Let's fangirl together.

Episode 152- have YOU got some?
Well, as we know, these next fillers are going to be team Gai! ^_^
And since Im desperate for someone to fangirl with, I've come here.
Don't read under the cut if ya don't wanna be spoiled. :P

OMG. I just saw 152, and I couldnt stop laughing.. its so funny, omg, I love lee.
Now, I'll rant a bit...


OMG, Team gai is SO funny. Im such a fangirl of them. Thank god we're finally getting a sense of what/who Tenten is... and its just as I pictured it. She seems to be a very polite, kind, and all-around natural/average girl.
Though I must ask, What the FUGH was THIS?

She just randomly makes that expression at Tsunade. o-o I understand enough Japanese to get me through RAWs, but I just dont get that part. XD;

Anyways, in the beginning.. Lee just can't get cuter.

How can anyone call him an ugly geji-mayu?! He's so freeking cuddly!

Omgz, NaruSaku versus LeeSaku...
And whats this? Sakura's paying attention to Lee...? OMGthecontroversy!!!123

The episode was rather strange altogether, and unless Im mistaken, Lee has a sort of adopted family, whom he met while jogging past their house (repeatedly until he collapsed..).
Omg, and here's his grandma(thing)! ^_^
Whom he's swinging around rather dangerously for one of her age, but we won't get into that, will we?

The rest stare at him like WTF.
Actually, the few seconds before this, Theyre all staring at him. Then Neji kinda looks away a bit, like 'Ehhh'.

For a second, i could've sworn Lee was related to one of the random OC's... Lookit the guy in the middle, here!
But enough of that. They go inside Lee's Grandma's(?) house, and she serves them ultra-freaking-spicy stew/rice. Its black and bubbling and Neji/Tenten are like o_O!

But Lee, being Lee, tries some anyway.

He explodes (well not really). This for some reason entices Neji, Tenten, Naruto and Random OC's to also try the stew.
The results:
(I just about died when I saw this)
Spasming!NejiTen is love. (is that a little 'I surrender' flag in Neji's rice? xD)

The episode winds down with much ado about nothing, but the preview reveals the following:

Tenten's gonna kickass with her segmented BO STAFF! (plus, if Im not mistaken, that looks like the 'good' animation teams work.)

Now. All of those fancy Lj-icon-makers have their work cut out for them, don't they? I bet there'll be like, a bazillion soon. And Ill take them all and store them in my lovely 'My Pictures' folder.

Now, all of you, fangirl with me. You know you want to. :(
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