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Ick.. so I tried to write angst.. and failed miserably, I believe. Im posting it here, but dont dare post it on ffnet.

title: the end of all things

Men die and are buried. Six feet down, six feet closer to the end, topped by screaming grasses and flowers that die on dewy mornings with no visitors-

they’d known he was gone when the seal on his brow faded and she felt his gaze die

-Flowers die alone. Alone, because for all their beauty or good intentions, they are always either rooted to the spot or drowned in cheap plastic wrap-

she’d never cried so hard before, he told them, when they stroked the knives from her skin

-And when trees die, their bark is breezed away and their leaves forgotten to cutting winds, but they stand, forever monuments to themselves.

it wouldn’t have been right to bury them anywhere but here


-crawls under rock to die- x_x Just... kag. I sux0rz. xD

Edit: and by the way...

Nejiten wins. B)
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