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Furious Angels-Destiny Breaking Version

Yeah, I wrote two different versions of the same songfic. Happens when I have too many ideas from a song ^^; These are rough drafts, so feel free to critic

The scene opens on an Adult Tenten, asleep in her bed. Her hair is unbound, a dark chocolate pool around her, the sheets kicked off to show the baby tee and panties she wears to bed. She rolls to her side, murmuring a familiar name as her expression turns somewhat troubled.

Unknowingly facing an Adult Neji as he stands silently over the bed, watching her with the oddest expression as she sleeps unaware. While he appears startlingly calm at first glance… something primal and unreadable lurks in his eyes as they sweep over her quietly.

He then glances over at the wall, where the camera follows to show a wedding kimono hanging like a trophy. On the desk beside it are Boat Tickets to Cloud Country, and a official letter of proposal.

Like a sentence of death,
I got no options left,
I've got nothing to show now.

His expression darkens at the sight of them. In that moment, he looks demonic with hate toward these things, same as he did when fighting Hinata all those years ago.

I'm down on the ground,
I've got seconds to live,
and you can't go now.

She stirs in her sleep, distracting him. He gingerly covers her back up, moving with such grace that Tenten hardly registers their presence. His hands hover over her head a moment, twitching with the urge to touch her, run his hand through her hair.

'Cause love, like invisible bullet shot me down
and I'm bleeding, yeah I'm bleeding
and if you go, furious angels will bring you back to me.
They will bring you back to me.

His expression intensifies. Anger is there in those clear silver eyes as he pulls his hand back, almost as if admonishing himself as well as her for her betrayal with the words of the song.

You're a dirty needle,
you're in my blood and there's no curin' me.

He turns his back on her with the intention to leave and never look back clear in his face and actions.

And I wanna run, like the blood from a wound
to a place you can't see me.

He pauses as he hears her murmur his name again in her sleep. The anger breaks and fades as if never there as he looks at her again, that primal and unreadable thing returning to his eyes as he says her name in reply…

'Cause love, like a blow to the head has left me stunned
and I'm reeling, yeah I'm reeling

Tenten opens her eyes to an empty room and an open window at the sound of his voice, confused and wondering if she actually heard him or dreamt him…

and if you go, furious angels will bring you back to me.

During the vocals, The scene morphs to Tenten on the deck of the magnificent Cloud Country ship, dressed beautifully in the Kimono and her hair down and adorned with tasteful jewelry as a reluctant Lee and Gai holds her luggage. She waves farewell to the large crowd of onlookers, Tenten’s friends and family among them. Her smile is reluctant but polite, cracking only as she thinks she glimpses Neji in the crowd briefly, but disregards and grows downcast as it appears to be her imagination…saying her farewells. The scene switches to much later in her bedroom on the ship, Tenten unable to sleep as she stares sadly at the Kimono, rolling on her side to look away from it…

And is stunned to see Neji standing over her, that dark expression on his face again, twice as intense. Twirling one of her kunai between her fingers. He speaks, and it’s almost as if he’s saying the words of the song.

You're a cold piece of steel between my ribs
and there's no savin' me.

She angrily snaps back at him and her words are obvious…and with frightening speed he is on top of her, holding her down and locking eyes with her. Instead of fear, that same look of his is in her eyes as well as he retorts.

And I can't get up,
from this wet crimson bed that you made for me.
That you made for me!

The kunai under her pillow is drawn in an instant to his throat, Neji not even flinching as it pricks the skin and he bleeds a little. The tension in the air is steel thick between them and their expressions thunderous, defiant and possessive.

'Cause love like a knife in the back's cut me down
and I'm bleeding, yeah I'm bleeding,

She speaks, and although we can’t hear the words they are clearly defiant, a last defense against the warring emotions on her face. Neji’s own expression has finally balanced in contrast as he replies with a passionate kiss instead of words, the admittance of defeat against his emotions clear.

and if you go, angels will run to defend me, to defend me.

The lovemaking that follows is explosive and primal, the camera flicking in and out as the song continues to give us small glimpses of it, leaving it mostly to the reader to imagine: Hands roaming hungrily. Rough but passionate kisses, their hair blanketing them. Brown and Silver eyes filled with passion. Naked flesh entwined and writhing. Fingernails clawing a muscular back. Her hands clenching his…

'Cause I can't get up, I'm as cold as a stone,
I can feel the life fade from me.
I'm down on the ground, I've got seconds to live,
and what's that waits for me, oh that waits for me!
'Cause love like a sentence of death's left me stunned,
and I'm reeling, yeah I'm reeling,
and if you go, furious angels will bring you back to me.

As the vocals begin again and the camera stops it’s mad switching back and forth, we glimpse the lovers entwined together in the afterglow from above. It contradicts the tension of the earlier scene, how protectively Neji holds her as they look into the others eyes and how she melds herself to him among the tangled sheets, stroking his cheek…

…and as the Vocals rise to a crescendo the scene abruptly switches again, the still unmade bed now empty besides a hastily scribbled note of apology in Tenten’s hand writing and a familiar Head protector. The Wedding dress sits forgotten against the wall as well as the letters of proposal.

And Gai and Lee, standing at the foot of the bed, are unable to hold back grins and ‘You’re explaining this’ Expressions as we fade to black.


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