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26 October 2014 @ 11:47 pm
NejiTen FST - Even so, We're Not Wrong  

So between my final assignment and NejiTen fanfic writing, I decided to compile this small FST album. I can't upload the songs to the net for various reasons, but I scourged our lovely internet for the songs instead.
And I am too untalented to make cover as well. I apologize for that (haha).

This FST may properly reflect my denial of what happen in the manga as well (lol). You may say this FST is about meeting-being together-parting-never giving up.

Nejiten FST - Even So, We're Not Wrong

1. GooseHouse - Kono Yubi Tomare
2. Nogizaka46 - Kimi no Na wa Kibou
3. Nishino Kana - Story
4. Aikawa Nanase - Break Out!

5. Ikimonogakari - Egao
6. RSP - Lifetime Respect (Girls side)
7. Orange Range - Hana
8. Natsukawa Rimi - Nada Sousou
9. GooseHouse - Sky
10. Angela Aki - Our Story
11. One OK Rock - The Beginning

1. GooseHouse - Kono Yubi Tomare

Do you hear it? The voice calling for you
the dreams and hope that we once lost are right here
Do you remember? The burning passion
supporting each other, we'd be able to help each other
without hesitating, let's stop this one finger

full translations: here
song: here

Actually dedicate this for Team Gai. The phrases of the songs talks of struggle we go through as we grow up, and how actually everyone is right there beside you to support you and remind you to go forward, and that you are not alone. ("this one finger" is how one held up the one index fingers, saying they are alone, thus the phrase "please stop this one finger") I particularly like how the song highlighted that there is importance in exchanging quarrels (lol) and that friends will always be there. I can't find any translations on the net so I translated it on my LJ instead =___=

2. Nogizaka46 - Kimi no Na wa Kibou

From how long have I been in solitude
The world which I had always refused, now looks beautiful

That even I will be loved this way by someone
was something that I couldn't even imagine
The future is a stage that will always bring new excitement
I have now realised that your name is Hope

full translations: here
Song: here

It talks of someone falls in love for the first time after being alone for so long and how foreign it felt and how it changes him/her. I think it fits Neji POV, as he felt the first time this kind of feelings and is wondering within himself.

3. Nishino Kana - Story

But I’m sure we didn’t make the wrong choice for
Our story
Although we have hesitated and will still hesitate sometimes
Just let it go

Even so, we sure weren't wrong about our story, right?
even if we aren't able to see a part of the future
give up, never give up

Full translations: here
Song: here

Someone convincing herself that they aren't wrong with this relationship, and how even if she doesn't know how it will turn up in the future, she won't give up. Think that this may reflect Tenten's feelings, if she were to be with the Hyuuga Prodigy, with all the clan blah blah blah that may come into the scene, while she has no kekkei genkai etc to back her up. This is more like a song for my NejiTen story though... hahaha. And I cannot find the video so it's... Osu! game map video but well, at least the song is there.
m(_ _)m

4. Aikawa Nanase - Break Out!

Break out

We'll trust each other more
We'll be kinder to each other
We may hurt each other more
but we'll be able to get undressed more

Full translations: here
Song: here

A rebellious sounding song, throwing and blasting past through everything. Even if they don't know where they will end up, they will continue running. With our Tenten's signature fiery passion and Neji's stubborness, I bet their love will come to a wild ride and this song just paint it all through.

5. Ikimonogakari - Egao

That is why I want you to see you smile, I want to be with you
You’re irreplaceable, I want to protect you forever
You’re here by my side, this small miracle is warmer
Than anything else, that is why I want to be stronger

Your voice is so, so bright and cheerful
It’s always my brightest ray of light, it’s certainly spurring me on

Full translations: here
Song: here

A very kind and warm song, the main phrase is, "no matter what, I want to live with you with smile and that is why I want to be stronger". Neji's POV, and I think the whole song speaks for itself.

6. RSP - Lifetime Respect (Girls Side)

You're cold, but kind
I'm sad when I can't be with you
When you're kind to me, my soul shivers
Let's go off together forever, in search of happiness

"Be with me for the rest of my life", I'm so happy that you chose me
"Look at me with love" Of course right now, you are everything to me

I want to grow old at your side; you, who I can respect

Full translations: here
Song: here

The whole song. The whole freaking song. If Tenten were to marry Neji, I bet this whole song will be what she will say/feel. It talks of mutual respect between the couple, that it is because they respect each other they can be together. They will support each other, help each other, and trust each other through life's ups and downs.

7. Orange Range - Hana

The encounter with you was like a dream
Being in love, getting into fights
We conquered over many walls together
Even after I'm reborn, I shall be a flower close to you

Why did I meet you

Meeting you, that was destiny

Full translations: here
Song: here

Another warm song, "Even after I'm reborn, I shall be a flower close to you". thanking the fact that they meet and how the times together might disappear. There is a part where he questions many things in life, but eventually take the decision that meeting her is destiny. Neji POV.

8. Natsukawa Rimi - Nada Sousou

If you can see me from where you are
Then I'll live my life
Believing that we'll meet again someday

Even though my memories fade into the distance
It's lonely without you
My emotions for you are tearful
I miss you, I miss you
My emotions for you are tearful

Full translations: here
Song: here

IF. IF it really happens, the one in manga that we dreaded so much, I think this song will be sung by Tenten. It's just so sad, so lovely. The amount of yearning and longing in the song just portrayed the gentle love perfectly. Either way, it is a beautiful song, a song that everyone deserves to hear at least once in their life. It has very traditional Japanese feel, with Okinawa's samisen in the background. Nada sousou itself, the "Nada" part is Okinawan for "Namida" or tears.

9. GooseHouse - Sky

Even if tomorrow we will be scattered apart,
if there is the sky that you've given to me,
I won't feel lonely
even if we got separated, even if we got separated
The sky will connect us
Even if we're unable to see each other,
we're here

Full translation: here
Song: here

This, I think, would be what Team Gai said if our dreaded scene does happen. How each makes each other's sky and how even if they are apart they will be connected through the sky they make together. Again, I see no translations of this song (other than the English version), so I just post it on my LJ.

10. Angela Aki - Story

Life's a story, but it's no fairytale
Though sometimes we want to dream about fairy tales, the story of our days,
The stoy of our lives, isn't an easy one to live out

Our story is meant to be continued

full translation: here
Song: here

... Surprise! No, I don't believe that this will end our Nejiten and everything is just Kishi's troll. I love the strong, realistic vibe of this song, which correlates to our Tenten's realistic view of life that nothing is perfect like the fairytales yet in itself, the spirit to not giving up one's goal. She believes, the story is meant to be continued.

11. One Ok Rock - The Beginning

Just give me a reason to keep my heart beating
Don't worry it's safe right here in my arms

I'll risk everything if it's for you

A whisper into the night
Telling me it's not my time, and don't give up

Look how far we've made it
The pain, I can't escape it
At this rate I can't possibly let this end can I?
However many times I seemed about to drop dead or even fall into ruin
There's no end
It finally begins

full translation: here
Song: here

And no, Neji won't die that easily. We all know our Hyuuga prodigy stubborn enough to withstand anything.

And there you go, my forever denial.

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