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Nejiten Family Story (fanfic)

Good day, it has been a long while.

I have been writing a NejiTen Family Story ever since... 2010? or something, but it went to hiatus (2-3 yeas hiatus hahaa). However, because of a sudden impulse I continued it on again. I wrote it in FFN so below is the fake LJ cut to the website. It isn't that long of a story, so please, if you have time, I will be more than happy if anyone would read it.

The setting is in Naruto Universe but I know stuff happens in the manga. I ignore most of the things in the manga/anime whatever though, especially the you-know-what. The story centers around the family relationships, on Neji and Tenten's role as parents more than they are as couples. Of course, there will be romance since they are husband and wife in this fic, however that is not the main issue in this setting.

This is the first family story, Forever Intertwined: NejiTen Family Story (9 chapters)

This is the sequel of the previous story, the one I am writing right now.

Thank you very much, and may everyone have a good day! Regardless of everything, let's keep this pairing alive! (I should be pretty frank by saying I am disappointed in Naruto... but I love NejiTen nevetheless. Kudos to everyone able to make such a wonderful atmosphere in this couple fandom!)

If there are issues of broken links and everything else, please do inform me. Thank you.

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