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NejiTen fic

Yup. Im at it again. I currently write from the cramped second bedroom of acramped 100 year old lodge in cold and dreary Muskoka, 3 to 4 hours north-ish of Toronto and a whole lot of retards to boot. And I'm on vacation? Supposedly. Well, I'm entertaining myself with writing from my mom's laptop, and here's a fclet/drabble/thing.

title: Christmas in Konoha

She stares at her reflection in the old scratched window without really looking at it, her focus somewhere between the snow that gently falls just beyond the glass, and the frost climbing with weaving frozen patterns towards the window frame. She grips a cup of tea tightly between her palms, trying to ward off the cold that seeps through the crack at the bottom of the window that she wished she could shut, but the latch had been broken off long ago and she didn’t feel much like forcing it.
An off-grey rabbit skips lankily across the yard she watches, leaving long footprints and kicking up clumps of snow as it goes, and she is reminded somehow of something she thinks of just a little too often already. Reminds her somehow of something that makes her smile privately – she sips her tea to hide it, even though she’s alone. But she supposed that being friends with a man who moved like lightning, and another who could see through walls had left her slightly paranoid, so it really wasn’t her fault, was it? She looks up from her cup and back out to the growing blizzard, smiling at the sight of a tall figure topped in black traipsing towards the little coffee shop in which she’d set up camp.
There was a long package in his arms – she knew it was a he regardless of his long hair, and because she was getting shivers despite the warmth of the room. He looks agitated, bedraggled, and a whole lot of other things that made her chuckle quietly. He almost tripped up on the icy front steps, almost lost his footing on the frosted decking, almost fell into the doorway as he stubbed his foot on a lump of ice. She delighted silently that it was only winter that could make Hyuuga Neji clumsy.
As he opened the door the sound of tinkling bells greeted her ears, as well as a familiar sight that pulled a smile out of her immediately. Hyuuga Neji stood bristling on the café’s welcome mat, dripping wet with his fists firmly clenched. His shoulders were held indignantly high, his eyes narrowed in annoyance as he straightened and met her gaze.

“I hate snow.” He said with a flustered huff, and she laughed first at his comment and then a second time at the puzzled look he gave her.

“You wanted to meet here.” She said, and he inclined his head slightly but said nothing for a while as he brushed off his jacket.

“Yes.” He finally answered, looking at her again. “Hiashi-sama thinks very little of holidays.” He held out the package in front of him, and very daintily placed it in her grasp when she held out her hand.

“Merry Christmas.” He said simply, and she made a sound that seemed suspiciously similar to a purr as he wrapped his arms around her.


How was it? xD

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