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Here's trying again...Thanks Jing ^_^


Naked legs, intertwined within red satin sheets, are the first thing we see as the scene fades in. The camera continues to pan up the ravaged bed and it’s occupants until we clearly see it’s an adult Neji and Tenten, holding each other with the familiarity of long time lovers. Her hair is unbound and pools against his chest, her eyes closed as she appears to sleep contently to his heartbeat. Neji has his arm around her possessively, wide awake and his expression troubled as he stares at the ceiling of Tenten’s apartment. Deep in thought.

His eyes scan the room as the music begins. Their discarded clothes, scrolls and weapons lead a path to their bed from the door. A wedding invitation with fancy script and the Hyuuga crest is pinned to the wall with several Kunai. A calendar is similarly executed by a kunai on a certain date. Finally they rest upon the solitary engagement ring lying on the nightstand beside them, the same Hyuuga crest on it. His expression darkens.


Like a sentence of death,
I got no options left,
I've got nothing to show now.

His eyes sweep back to Tenten, observing her as his expression grows darker and more frustrated in effect. And she too is awake, the same expression as Neji’s mirrored on her own face as she glares at the ring then pulls away from him to get dressed…

I'm down on the ground,
I've got seconds to live,
and you can't go now.

He knows what she’s going to say from his expression, sliding on his pants as she slips on her shirt and panties, embraces her from behind possessively and buries his face in her hair and neck.

'Cause love, like an invisible bullet shot me down
and I'm bleeding, yeah I'm bleeding

She smiles sadly in reply, unable to speak now. Instead she turns in his arms and rests her cheek against his bare chest as she clings tighter to him, the threat of tears clear in her deep brown eyes as she stares again at that damned ring.

and if you go, furious angels will bring you back to me.
They will bring you back to me.

He tips her chin to face him instead, those silver eyes of his surprisingly warm with none of the cold, arrogant genius that we’re used to as he looks down at her. His smile is sad but flavored with encouragement as he continues, stroking her cheek with his thumb.

You're a dirty needle,
you're in my blood and there's no curin' me.

He rests his forehead against hers as she wraps her arms around his neck and fights to not give in to tears.

And I wanna run, like the blood from a wound
to a place you can't see me.

He takes her hand into his, intertwining them a moment before pressing her palm against his heart. His hand tightens around her waist as hers does around his, burying themselves against the other as if separation would kill them.

'Cause love, like a blow to the head has left me stunned
and I'm reeling, yeah I'm reeling

He leans down as she stands up on her tiptoes to kiss passionately…

and if you go, furious angels will bring you back to me.

And with the rising vocals the sliding doors are blasted open, and there in the doorway is an Adult Hinabi and her father Hiashi, flanked by Hyuuga clan Nin, all staring in contempt at the lovers. Neji is dropped by Hinabi activating his curse seal with the necessary hand seal, ironically with the same hand that bears the twin of the engagement ring on the nightstand. Tenten is quickly restrained by the Clan Nin despite her efforts, Hinabi cruelly striking her in the chest with a powerful strike, Tenten crying out as Hinabi’s expression twists sadistically. Neji forced to watch helplessly as Hiashi keeps him restrained with the seal, the pain of watching Hinabi strike Tenten repeatedly far worse than his own agony.

You're a cold piece of steel between my ribs
and there's no savin' me.

Hinabi finally stops as Tenten sags in the Nin’s arms from the beating, The Hyuga princess’ beautiful face twisted with jealousy and hatred as she glares at Neji and gives him an ultimatum.


And I can't get up,
from this wet crimson bed that you made for me.

The threat is clear as she pulls her ringed hand back for a killing blow, Tenten’s pain stricken eyes begging him not to give in to them.


That you made for me!

Neji’s eyes are just as filled with concern as they are with hate for the pair, his fingers clenching helplessly. Hiashi stares back impassively, as Hinabi’s temper grows and she demands an answer, her other hand striking Tenten again, this time making her cough up blood.

'Cause love like a knife in the back's cut me down
and I'm bleeding, yeah I'm bleeding,

Tenten spits back in Hinabi’s face and screams back, her answer clear that she’d rather die than see him with a cold bitch like her.

and if you go, angels will run to defend me, to defend me.

Hinabi’s face contorts with anger and she strikes again. Tenten’s legs buckle, the Clan Nin letting her drop and Hinabi planting her foot on her neck. Neji screams, trying to get up anyway even as Hiashi increases the pain.

'Cause I can't get up, I'm as cold as a stone,
I can feel the life fade from me.

Neji’s expression becomes one of terror as Hinabi speaks again…the implication of the threat quite clear as the Clan Nin look at Tenten in undisguised lust. Motions to him to pick up the engagement ring as Hiashi drops it before him.

I'm down on the ground, I've got seconds to live,
and what's that waits for me, oh that waits for me!

Neji’s eyes meet Tenten’s again. Understanding replaces the brief terror of before, then their trademark defiance.

'Cause love like a sentence of death's left me stunned,
and I'm reeling, yeah I'm reeling,

Looks Hinabi and Hiashi in the eye and tells them just what she can do with that ring.

and if you go, furious angels will bring you back to me.

Hinabi screams a curse as Tenten closes her eyes in relief and acceptance of her fate. The Clan Nin drop toward her like dogs as the Vocals begin to rise…

..and they are knocked aside by a blur…Hinabi suddenly finding herself with a Kunai to her throat as she finds herself staring at an angry Hinata in pure shock, her sister stating that is enough. Lee, Shino and Kiba and Akamaru stare down the Clan Nin as Gai has Hiashi‘s hand in a bone crushing grip, looking every bit the angry lion who’s cubs have been attacked.

And Neji crawls over to Tenten as the effects of the Curse Seal fade, embracing each other carefully of the other’s wounds but obviously relived, watching Gai’s fist clench as he tells Hiashi that this little chat about the Branch house was long in coming as he swings toward the camera, the scene fading out abruptly in time with the sudden end of the song.

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