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[Fanfiction Update]: Syndicate

It's good to be back on the comm, if only for a little while! I'm finding it hard to believe I've been working on this, or at least thinking about it, since high school. And I still haven't graduated from university.

Title: Syndicate
Chapter: Mission 1: Calico
Series: Naruto
Characters/Pairing: Neji/Tenten ... and too many OCs. They're running around like crazy.
Rating: T-M.
Summary: Tenten, an intelligence operative of Konoha, is sent on an undercover assignment after a brief reunion with her former lover and cell member, Hyuuga Neji. Despite having a new identity and a case to crack, she begins to realise, spy or otherwise, she will never be able to leave her past behind.

A young, eighteen year old Suzune leaves Sendai, nursing a broken heart and a grudge against Sugimura Takeshi. Tokyo turns out to be a smaller place than she had originally imagined when a man named Akira approaches her with an interesting proposition she cannot resist.

Click me! On ff.net :/

And for those wondering ... since I'm all for links,

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10: Hush

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