a_windybreeze (a_windybreeze) wrote in nejiten,

Ficcage: Apocalypse Please

NEJITEN/TEAM GAI CENTRIC APOCALYPTIC FANFICTIONS ARE GO! I had immense fun writing these, and hope that they are of amusement to you. No warnings, except for some gore, angst and a couple of sultry situations. ♥

Each chapter is standalone, so feel free to start wherever you like.

RUMBLE! Part one of a global cataclysm that takes the world by tremors and storms.

STARS! The second and final part of the very same adventure, this time featuring meteor rain and airport antics.

ROBOTS! Set on the moon during a nuclear fallout in which Neji is an android and Tenten is his mechanic.

WAVES! As a wall of water looms over the horizon, Neji and Tenten do their best not to drown.

SWEAT! A lonely amnesiac wakes in his own puddle of sweat and attempts to recover the springtime of his youth.

BRAINS! Zombies, ahoy! Team Gai kick putrified butt as the world becomes overrun with the living dead.

PEAK! Oil prices skyrocket, and Neji and Tenten strike up a romance in the abysmal, economic depression that follows.

SHIVER! Hell freezes over, but it's time to greet the sun.

MAKE ROOM! Homo sapiens en masse. This does not bode well for Neji's pregnant cousin.

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