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[Fanfiction Update]: Syndicate

Title: Syndicate
Chapter:Eight: Just A Man
Series: Naruto
Characters/Pairing: Neji/Tenten, Sasuke/Tenten, Ino, OCs including Hyuuga Hitomi, Yori Daichi
Rating: T-M.
Summary: Sent to the 'City of Trees', Sendai, as an undercover agent, Tenten can only wonder who is hiding Lucia from plain view. The answers will take her further and further from reality as she begins to lose her true self.

Miyako knows she finally has Takeshi ensnared but problems arise between her new found friends and Tenten wonders if this life is even worth leading at all. And then, finally, out of the blue, she meets her miracle, in the form of Nagayama Hiroki. 

A/N: So it's that particular weekend of the month where I decide to put up another chapter to humour you all (and myself, I guess). So, for your dubious reading pleasure, I present the next chapter of Syndicate, and recommend that you all enlighten yourself with a good dose of SCANDAL's girl rock tunes – it's pretty good for jumping on the bed and stuff.


"Hypothetically... never." )


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