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Searching for a fic

Hi everyone! This is my first time posting here but I've been lurking around for years. NejiTen is my Naruto OTP and I just love reading fanfics about them! :D

I've been searching for this drabble for a while now. I read this a few months back. It's AU. These are all I remember about it.
  • It starts with Tenten running down a street and meeting up with Lee who's bringing a change of men's clothing for her.
  • Tenten changes into the the clothes Lee has brought and runs to the dock.
  • She passes by Asuma(?) who asks her what her business is, to which, I think, Tenten replies that she has a message for Captain Hyuuga. Asuma knows about her disguise but lets her pass anyway. It is revealed that Tenten has been doing this for quite some time now and Asuma permits her because her body is maturing and she will not be able to disguise herself effectively anymore in the near future.
  • Tenten sees Neji giving a speech and when he walks past her, she trips him.
  • The fic ends with Neji and Tenten  in a forest(?) together and Neji promises her something.
I'm not sure where I read this though, bur I'm 80% positive that it wasn't on ff.net. :D

Hope you can help me! Thank you so much! 
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