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Tentative conversations ARENT better left unsaid...

UPDATED LINKSyou lurkers >:^(
dragonPHOENIX ==> tentative conversations ARENT better left unsaid [FST]I'm not dead.... so I come bearing musical gifts!

I haven't been here in a while.... I haven't even lurked, lol!
Here's a few of my favorite songs.

Let me know if you have trouble with the zip file.

//Tentative Conversations Aren’t Better Left Unsaid

Independently Dependent with Mutual Reliance

SasuSaku 1-The Butterfly Effect – Phoenix

And I’m searching for myself,
I’m trying to find the words to say.
I can never let you go,
And a part of me will stay (with you).
I’ll never let you down (I swear),
You’ll never hit the ground (inside)
And the forces still remain (outside).
If you’re lost don’t ever hide.

Before you open your eyes… I’ll be coming around again…”

Comments: Sasuke’s POV. Circa leaving Sakura on a bench. Beautiful song.

NejiTen 2. -Ra – On My Side

I can hear voices calling
And I can feel weight upon my mind
You'll hold my hand in your hand
And after I'm gone you'll still have
Time to figure out the things,
The things that left me empty inside

Comments: Neji’s POV. He want’s Tenten’s support more than he lets on. Needs it even.

SasuSaku 3-The Butterfly Effect – Reach

“Last night I dreamt I held you with me,
Close enough to feel you breathe,
When i awoke I lay here empty,
Caught between the want and need,
Now in the darkness I am only thoughtful hopes and peace-less mind,
These dreams are all I've ever wanted,
Found behind these closing eyes”

Comments: Sakura’s POV post abandonment!Sasuke.

NejiTen 4.-Revis – Spin

I can see your inner motive when you wear it on your face
Indisposed to the world, you won’t let yourself be saved

Comments: Tenten’s POV. Neji is always pushing her and everyone else around him.

SasuSaku 5. -The Evan Anthem – Fade Independent

                “Will you be here for me… for me when I need you the most?
                                Said I’m in the world alone… I’ll take it in with your help…
                                Your help…”

Comments: Sakura trying to trust in someone who doesn’t even deserve that trust.

NejiTen 6-Pushmonkey – HandSlide

“I want to see you in a hungry light
I want to be another man tonight
I want to have you in a selfish lie”

Comments: Neji’s POV. Smexy!Neji.

SasuSaku 7. -Revis – Caught In The Rain

“It was you
 who could get me high with whatever you say...
you’re telling me something real.
What we’ve done, it doesn’t matter now..
whatever it takes for you to stay with me.”

Comments: Sasuke seeking unmerited penance.

NejiTen 8- Backbone – Dependent

“Gone, I looked around, and all I found is what used to be
Woke up, scared as hell, I realized, I'm free

                Comments: Neji, accepting the benefits of his existing relationship with Tenten.

                SasuSaku 9-Crossfade – Cold

“I never really wanted you to see that screwed up side of me that I keep.
Locked inside of me
It always seems to get to me…
I never really wanted you to go
So many things you should have known..
I guess for me there just no hope
I never meant to be so cold. ”

                Comments: Classic song. Very regret!Sasuke-esqe.

NejiTen 10-The Like Young – Tempt Me

You wouldn’t dare tempt me,
now that I know a feeble nod like that”

Comments: When I listen to this song, I think of Neji trying to downplay the pain he feels. Tenten’s not having any of that placating BS. She knows when he’s hurting, so NO need in testing her patience by saying “Nothing” when she asks “What’s wrong?”

Comment after you listen to some of the songs and tell me your favorite!

Download [tentative conversations are NOT better left unsaid
] FST! 

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