Toboe LoneWolf (toboe_lonewolf) wrote in nejiten,
Toboe LoneWolf

[Flash] A Nejiten Christmas, 2009

Yup! A new little flash animation short for the Christmas season. And this time, it comes with more mistletoe more interactivity!

[View @ Sheezyart] || DA xpost

Since I wanted to have this up before Christmas, I reused some graphics from the first Christmas flash I made, and overall it's a very simple and short flash, but I think it still has that *gigglesnort* factor. :P

This is also a contest entry for the Nejiten FC over at Narutofan forums.

PS: This isn't the last of the flash animations for 2009. ;D There'll be another Christmas one next week, though it'll be more Team Gai focused than Nejiten focused.
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