Toboe LoneWolf (toboe_lonewolf) wrote in nejiten,
Toboe LoneWolf

TARZAN NEJITEN: One last flash for the road :P

Heyla, guys. So you may or may not know that I'm leaving for study abroad in Cape Town, South Africa in a week. :D So before I leave home and Le Internets, I wanted to make a very short flash for y'all.

|| (DA xpost)

A very silly short, totally inspired by a very long ago drabble wingsover wrote here in the Narutofan FC that was inspired by my Disney Nejiten Crack. :P IT'S A CIRCLE OF CRACK (I <3 U, wingsover)

I'm leaving in a week, and I'll (hopefully, assuming internet/uploading access goes well) be writing in my LJ on my escapades in the world Down Under At Cape Hope (and maaaaaaaaaybe writing some actual fanfiction) so see ya around!

(BTW guys, any news on that community icon contest way back in the Nejiten festival? I would've sworn I hadn't missed any posts...)
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