Cat (light_flower) wrote in nejiten,

[ scavenger hunt ] and the winner is....

The tie is now broken, so I'm happy to announce that we have a winner of the 2009 festival's Scavenger Hunt!

Thank you all for participating, and I hope you all had as much fun as I did ♥

Now, I'm not going to delay this any longer...

The winner, with a total of 105 points is...

Congratulations!! ♥ Your LJ gift card should come your way very soon, and a banner will be made as soon as I get access to my own laptop and photoshop again(sorry for the inconvenience!)

(sorted by points)
devfmorgana - 105
toboe_lonewolf - 75
blooming_cosmo - 75
sapphireluna - 75
musei_kage - 65
neoxpuff - 60
morissamorimo - 40
silhouette_68 - 40
i_heart_kakashi - 35
dear_kismett - 30
drummerchick13 - 25
piixxiiestiixx - 25
aragon_asten - 20
pixelwater - 10
magneticwave - 10
kayuka_skye - 0
individual - 0
pastrie_chan - 0

You all did a great job hunting down everything I was looking for, especially with the final challenge ♥ Give yourself a pat on the back, even if you didn't win! And besides, there's always next year... ;D

The round 7 post is now unscreened.
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