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Adagio [Night of Sevens]

Title: Adagio
Characters: Neji/Tenten, Lee, Gai
Rating: PG-13-ish-ness
Summary: -AU- How flighty little Yuan Tiang Tiang became Tenten Young the Concert Cellist. (Neji tells Rock Lee that fate has made him a sub-par bass player. Tenten tells Neji he can take his fate and shove it up somewhere that will require a prostate examination to remove it.)
Notes: Er. More AU. (Sorry). Each of the little vignettes fulfills one of the seven themes . . . but they aren't labeled, so, uh, good luck telling them apart.

(All Tiang Tiang needs is this instrument, the noises it makes, the way it bends the air and springs back in a sort of joyful, triumphant shout that makes her ears all but burst.)
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