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NejiTen Festival 2009 Directory

Another reminder to all you festival goers. We still have a lot of festival time left. And I know all of you are working hard on your entries and participating like crazy. I just wanted to thank you all in advance. Let's keep it going strong! Tons of links can be found in the directory below to all events and current entries that I've found here, on dA, and on Youtube. Feel free to contribute, comment to entries already listed, and enjoy all entries. ♥ Remember that the Round Robin, the Oekakies Board, the Fanart Thread, and the Challenges are still open and running. The Scavenger Hunt and the Community Icontest are needing more participation. All events are linked below. ♥

If you are looking for something, or if you need an up to date summary of what's going on, please come here. Such information will be left in lj-cuts, but links to actual events will be listed below. If you're looking for this post it will be attached to the userinfo shortly for easy access. For reference, the 2007-2008 and 2006 Festival Directory have been linked at the bottom.

>>Festival Opening
Festival Introduction by meepers_369
Official NejiTen Festival Opening by blooming_cosmo

>>NejiTen Festival Quilt Challenge
Quilt Challenge Information
Childhood Friends by anko9

>>NejiTen Crack
NejiTen Macro Post hosted by toboe_lonewolf

>>Image Caption
Screen Caps by toboe_lonewolf
NejiTen Macro Post hosted by toboe_lonewolf

>>Community Icontest
Community Icontest Challenge hosted by intimidate

>>Scavenger Hunt
Scavenger Hint Sign Ups

>>Fan Sound Tracks
NejiTen Festival Soundtack

>>Round Robin
Round Robin Sign Ups
Round Robin Game

2009 Oekakies Board hosted by sapphireluna
NejiTen Community Oekakies Board

>>The Night of Sevens NejiTen Challenge
jaderhade: Compulsion, Chance, Reason
wordynessie: Chance
Youtube User annaukasuperfans: Making Deals With Gods
magneticwave: Adagio

Fanart Thread hosted by blooming_cosmo
We Don't Have Time, Neji... by nami86
NejiTen VDAY by neoxpuff
NejiTen Festival by dA member tenten-10

Doujinshi Listing hosted by light_flower
Doujinshi Scanlations

NejiTen Meme Part Deux
Family History by jaderhade

>>Music Videos
Dreams of an Absolution by light_flower
Twilight Trailer by Youtube User 00Demi00
This Is How Much I Love You by Youtube User 00Demi00

NejiTen Chatroom hosted by sapphireluna

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