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09 February 2009 @ 09:19 pm
[FESTIVAL EVENT] Round Robin  

I will provide you with a small excerpt, and you will follow. Still confused? Just look at the rules.

Round Robin Rules
- This event, I repeat, STARTS NOW.
- Members who are participating are listed under the cut, and you will go in the exact order from that list.
- Wait until your turn. Don't skip anyone unless the person before you does not post in a timely manner.
- If you can't think of anything, just post the word SKIP and the next member will be allowed to go. You will not be taken out of the game if you post this.
- If a member does not post within 15 HOURS, you will be skipped automatically for the first time. If you are skipped for a third time, you will be taken off of the Round Robin list. Please don't abuse the time limit.
- Remember that each post has a word limit. You CANNOT double post, so make sure that you get your story/point across effectively.
- YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A WRITING GOD FOR THIS CONTEST, BUT YOU MUST AT LEAST BE ABLE TO FORM A LOGICAL SENTENCE AND PASS THE STORY ALONG. I do NOT want to see any net speak during this. I will just delete the post and ask the next member to continue if that is the case.
- Please refrain from commenting on someone's piece until after the event is over.
- If you can't participate any longer, please make a comment here.
- If you'd like to participate in the game, you must comment here. Don't just jump in to the game. I'll just delete your comment.
- And while this is hard for me to say this...NO PR0N GUYS! D:


He grabbed a chair and spun it around before sitting. His gaze never left her, analyzing every little movement. "Do you care to explain?"
morissamorimo on February 11th, 2009 06:09 am (UTC)
Lee's voice was a concerned whisper, audible to only Neji. "I-If this is only to watch out for Tenten, then I will help you." He replied, earning him a satisfied look from Neji.

Gingerly, Lee stood up and brought a thoughtful hand to his chin. "Well, where could she be?"

Neji merely shook his head, not particularly wanting to admit that he had no idea where their female teammate was.

"Well...we could ask Sakura-san if she knows where Tenten could be!!" Lee sounded too excited for his own good when he mentioned Sakura. Neji rolled his eyes; leave it to Lee to sneak in a trip to see his crush.

Crush. Neji's nose wrinkled just at the thought of the word. It seemed so trivial to him, so...useless.

Lee seemed to be reading his mind, "Don't worry Neji! I'm sure that you too will one day find a beautiful young woman that will set your heart on fire!! Then you will sweep her off her feet and you will know what true love is!" He proclaimed loudly. So loudly that a few passerbys stopped to rais a brow at the strange proclamation.

Needless to say, Neji was not amused. Briskly, he turned on his heel and stalked off towards the hospital where Sakura was, knowing that Lee would follow him anyway.

His assumption was right, and soon Neji and Lee found themselves outside the hospital, peering in a window to see if they could spot a pink-haired head among the hospital beds. Neji doubted that Sakura would know where Tenten was or what was going on with her, but it couldn't hurt to ask.

Soon enough, they did spot the pink head of Sakura, followed closely by...Tenten.

"Delivering the babies is one of my favorite parts of working here." Sakura was saying, looking back at Tenten with a wide smile on her face, "It's so much work, but so worth it."

Tenten nodded in agreement, glancing around the hospital as they walked. Her hands were clasped behind her back in a bout of nervousness.

Sakura stopped walking and Tenten followed suit. They had stopped in front of a large window that looked in on a room full of tiny cribs. Each crib held a newborn baby. "Here we are." Sakura announced.

Despite the fact that Tenten had felt so ridiculous when she had asked Sakura if she could look at the newborn baby room in the hospital, it was well worth it. Each of them looked so...small. So helpless, and yet so curious about the world around them, their eyes just opening to take in their new home.

Inwardly, Tenten was slapping herself. She was a ninja, a kunoichi. Her days and nights were spent around cold metal and dangerous enemies, and yet she loved every minute of it. Of course she had always had a strong sisterly instinct, but where was this motherly instinct coming from?

Sighing, the weapons mistress shook her head and smiled. "They look so...soft." She said affectionately. Soft; now there was something Tenten didn't get to feel that often.


"Wha--? Oh, I'm sorry Lee." Neji, who had been taking in the scene with his Byakugan was broken out of his train of thought by Lee's questioning voice.

Lee looked anxious, "I saw Sakura and Tenten a bit, did you see where they were going?"

Neji was lost for words. He was more than unsure of what to think about what he had just seen, much less how to put it into words. He took a deep breath before giving Lee an answer.