Sapphire Luna (sapphireluna) wrote in nejiten,
Sapphire Luna

Oekaki and chat room

Hi! Happy festival opening to all!
This year I'm in charge of the oekaki board, and we've got a chat room now also! Please address any technical problems to me. First of all, if the oekaki or chat room won't load for you, it probably means that you don't have Java on your computer. You can get it for free here.

The oekaki is in full english, lets you choose between 4 different applets ( I recommend PaintBBS/Paletted for beginners), has no advertisements and supports avatar. Fancy! You need to register, but registering is done instantly, no need to reply to an email.

There has been a weird bug where sometimes when you submit a picture, someone else's picture would appear instead. But I think I fixed that, but if it does happen, well sorry ^_^;

Go to the oekaki board HERE

As for the chat room, it's a basic IRC-style chat, but it's still cool and very easy to use. On the login page, do not enter anything for password! Just pick a name and connect.

If you stay idle for too long, your nickname may get changed to 'visitor' if that happens, simply refresh and connect again. Maybe we could decide on a time later where everyone would get on and chat with everyone =)

Go to the chat room HERE

Both the oekaki and chat should be available until May. After that I'm not sure :/


What are you waiting for?? Enjoy!
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