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My New Fanfic

Hello, I was wondering if you guys could take the time to read my new fanfic, Konoha High - The Cursed School. My first chapter is basically on Tenten's first day at her new high school and she meets all these new people. It could be considered a one-shot in a way. It's my first Naruto fanfic...and it's my second fanfic that I've ever wrote in my life... Yes, I am pathetic.

Here's some things that you should know before reading though.

1. It's really long so prepare yourself and be sure to go to the bathroom first. I don't know, I hate it when I get interrupted from my reading...

2. It's a rough draft somewhat since I had a sudden burst of energy and idea and so I started writing nonstop. Finally finished at 4 in the morning, given that I started at 11pm. I apologize ahead of time if there's any mistakes.

3. It doesn't really go with the summary or title much. As I started typing, the story started building and my result wasn't exactly how I expect it to. So think of this chapter as an introduction to set the characters and start the story.

Please, I really need your opinion of ways to improve the story, especially with all the relationships. Thank you for your time.

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