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[Community Layout - Options]

*tip-toes in* Remember the idea I had about making a new community layout? So I've basically got 4 different layout designs, and before I fine-tune anything I'd like your guys' input. ^^

In essence there's only 2 layout designs: with a extra header and without an extra header:

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[Basic Screenshot]

[Links below go to live previews via my journal. Paid LJ users can copy the "?s2id=" url ending and paste it onto the end of the nejiten url to see the layout applied to the community.]

1. "Boxy" layout without extra header on top -- instead, extra header is used in background of the header links.

2. "Boxy" layout with extra header on top. Works with navigation strip. I know some people hate the navigation strip, but I personally like it since it provides an easy link to post onto the community. >>

3. Non-"boxy" layout, no extra header on top. Navigation strip must be disabled. Extra header could possibly integrated into background of header links as in layout option 1.

4. Non-"boxy" layout, with extra header on top. Navigation strip must be disabled.

EDIT 3/9/09: live previews are now defunct. I make no guarantees that any of them will be up and looking decent. :P

Some Points:

Cruddy graphics are cruddy. >> I just made something up quick on the spot to fit with the dimensions. If there's actually going to be a new community layout someone other than me will have to make the graphics. ^^;;

The main vertical banner is 200px max wide and 1000px tall. Height technically is non-issue. Technically, the banner can be wider to like 380px, but only 200px worth of it will not be covered by the sidebar boxes/stuff. In all likelihood the banner should probably be a bit thinner than 200px, and use a gradient to merge into the background. I wanted to show the max width in these examples, though.

The vertical banner's contents will probably depend on whether an "extra" header is chosen. If no extra header is chosen, then the vertical banner should probably have "The Neji x Tenten Livejournal Community" text somewhere on there, or something like that. (BTW, vertical banner has art credits on the bottom.)

Extra header image is approximately 980px wide. Contents are 950px wide. Total sidebar is 380px wide. Entry width apprx 557px Too wide, too thin? It should fit within a 1024x768 resolution, but I have a 1680x1050 resolution so it's hard to tell for me... >>

Separator image (the kunai&feather between entries) I made on a whim. Can leave out, use different image, etc., etc.

I decided to go with relatively same color design as the current layout because I fail so hard at choosing color palettes but because of that, I decided to go a bit off-mainstream and use a vertical banner. A more "traditional" header would be simple enough, but then what's the point... XP

I can also add in some other fancy elements like changing the icons next to LJ names, scrollbar to LJ tag list, etc.

ETA: and if anyone wants to help on the graphics, here's a few links you might want

ETA: Fixed some design bugs. >>

So which layout design, if any, do you prefer? Any other comments/concerns greatly appreciated.
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