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[New Community Layout?]

Hey guys. I've been kinda toying around with making a new community layout for nejiten. It's been a while since the last one, and there's some stuff with S2 that's better supported than S1 (like dealing with ads and tags). But I wanted to get a little input first: one, do you guys actually want a new layout? And two, is it okay with you, BC? XP

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(General sizes; not exact)

I like the gray/white color scheme that we have right now, but since this would theoretically be a new layout I tried a different color scheme with blue (to sort of echo the water prison scene in Shippuuden 8D). This is based off the Bloggish theme, and a combo of the Bryant and Powell Street layouts. (If you have a paid account, I think you can view the comm with those layouts here and here.)

Some points:
  • General layout width is 670px, sidebar 160px, entries 470px. Probably will make entries a little wider, to 500px. Issues, anyone?

  • Nejiten graphic at lower right hand corner will not scroll, so it'll always be there to oogle at. XP I kinda wanted the header to be something related to the water prison scene, so in there Neji's catching Tenten, and this graphic at the bottom with Tenten catching Neji for a kind of parallel theme. YES I AM A SAP

  • And I attempted making a header for about 2 minutes and it was atrocious, trust me. Any banner makers who want to give it a shot?

  • Because the Tenten-catching-Neji graphic goes basically from upper left to lower right, I put it in the lower right hand corner and put the sidebar on the far left. But maybe I should use a different graphic or not one at all, or switch the sidebars, etc. Preferences, anyone?

  • With Bloggish, I don't think it's possible to remove the "previous 20" from the top except by removing it entirely from both top and bottom, and I think it has a useful function, so I'm keeping it there for now
    • EDIT: Actually, I think I can now, using some funky CSS. I'll have to test it out first.
    • On a plus side though, I think I'm also able to get rid of those extra comment link things. Like, the "Tell a Friend" and "Track This" links. Does anyone actually use those? I can get rid of them and we can shorten it down to leave a comment/read/link/edit/edit tags. Or should I ditch the "edit tags" link too?

  • For the curious, I started out with these two color schemes but the green started to look really weird and the yellow was...just awkward so I randomly picked some blues. I am not a color genius though, so if anyone has a better color scheme idea, toss it my way.

  • Along those lines, can everyone actually read the text colors? I tried to make it contrast as much as possible so it'd be easy to read

  • I'm going to code for the links list, the profile/navigation list, the tags list, and the calender, and hide the page summary/syndication/powered by modules, unless someone actually wants those...

Any comments/questions/inputs greatly appreciated!

And if people would prefer to stay with the old layout, no prob; I'll scuttle back into my hole and attempt to write fanfiction again. XD

EDIT 1: You can see what I'm currently fiddling around with here based off of my LJ. I'm probably going to flip from Bloggish to a different style though, since Bloggish doesn't have both free text and a links list feature. >> My colors are still hilariously bad. .................Right now I'm thinking of just copying the exact colors of this comm right now; I'm just that bad at color coordinating >>

EDIT 2: Okay guys, I'm definitely making a move to Flexible Squares, and it's going to be a major overhaul so all the above points are now outdated. XP I'm finding that I just can't make the layout without some idea of the kind of graphics/header that'll exist, so you'll have to bear with my cruddy graphics skills and someone can replace it later. Current messing-around-layout: here.
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