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newbness :) love love love

hi! not new to the fandom, but certainly new to this community. I never realized how big big big big nejitenten was till I saw this haha. And I've been reading most of your fanfiction and they so totally rock!! --hands out skittles because she's so full of luff--
I wanted to make a contribution but it's been three years since I last wrote a nejiten fanfic. :) so I'll just hand out an old fic I made. (lots of mistakes of course, it's been four years) However, hope you enjoy!
LOve <3333

Title: Dizzy Over this Headache
Series: Naruto
Characters/Pairings: Team Gai, NejiTen
Word Count: 3,554
Rated: PG (for swearing and stuff but nothing serious they're kids in this one)

“I think I’m having déjà vu.”

Tags: nejiten
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