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ToK site

Hi people, I want to introduce my website to you.

[Tenten of Konoha]

I made a fairy full-biography about Tenten and indispensable informations on Archives section.

I,myself and me section includes Hobbies, Wish and Try hard, Dreamboy(who is Tenten's dreamboy?), Experience(See how did Tenten make a chocolate cheese-cake for Neji on his 15th birthday?), Talk about People (Tenten talks about people in Konoha, her sensei, teammates, idol, ect.), and Diary (it's like a fanfic but I won't say that on this site, what happens to her everyday,today is good or bad day to her, all in diary of Tenten).

Finally, give me your opinion @ guestbook, I need them to perfect this site.

Go and see it. Thanx for reading.

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