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You know, out of all the fandoms I have been in (people-wise), the one for Neji and Tenten is, by far, the most supportive. Oh yes.

So, guess who's back?

Title: RSVP
Author: Cassandra's Destiny
Rating: Fiction Rated T
Status: Complete
Summary: At this point, it would have been easier for her had she been holding the invitation to his wedding, and not hers.

For many years, there was nothing about autumn that irked her more than having to rake leaves off of the front yard day in, day out – until the Hokage summoned her that morning.

Tenten walked along the busy streets of Konoha, and it was hard not to notice the leaves changing colors, and the villagers enjoying the crisp wind that carried the promise of winter snow. But, with at least a dozen envelopes in hand, she was consciously oblivious to the wonder that was autumn.

Autumn was supposed to represent change, and Tenten liked change. She embraces change; just not too much change, or not this kind of change, at least.

Exactly a year ago, she, together with Lee and Neji, was second string for the ANBU. This was not because they lacked the abilities or skills, but because they were too young to enter a squad who promises such a short life expectancy for its members. She was willing to wait a year or two, she thought, for if something was as good as this, it was worth the wait. The change she was hoping for this year was that she will finally be granted the privilege of wearing one of those animal masks that will symbolize her entry into the elite squad.

She wanted to wear a mask, damn it. Not a veil.


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