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Out of Heaven: FLASH TRAILER

CHICAGO — FBI agent Neji Hyuuga is on a mission – stop a jade phoenix from being stolen from the Chicago Field Museum by the Japanese yakuza, which is rumored to hold instructions capable of bringing about the destruction of all order in Japan. To do that he needs to steal the emerald figure himself without anyone noticing. Except it seems someone else has that same plan. Someone in skintight black leather, with her hair in two buns and a disturbing ability to pull sharp steel out of nowhere. Someone named Tenten…

Neji and Tenten in a six issue, ten page each comic, entitled Out of Heaven. With author nessiegg, art by Tiekko, Goldragonix, Gin-Kyo, and sapphire_luna, coloring by blooming_cosmo, typesetting by goldberry, and paneling by toboe_lonewolf

…And you guys, this is going to be So Awesome that I made a flash trailer for it. Yeah, like a movie trailer, except for a comic. XP

(View at Sheezyart)

[DA ref link]

Coming Fall 2008

STORY BY nessiegg
ART BY Tiekko, Goldragonix, Gin-Kyo, and sapphire_luna
COLORING BY blooming_cosmo
PANELING BY toboe_lonewolf
of group


Trailer by: toboe_lonewolf
Trailer is 1.7MB, so it'll take some time to load.
    Also, two easter eggs are hidden within the trailer:
  • One of these is only viewable if you download the trailer (the .swf file) and resize your browser window (via stretching/squishing) to "widescreen," aka at the [continue] screen you can see a gray dot on the lower-right hand corner.
  • The other is a 2-part easter egg and will only make sense if you've seen Batman: The Dark Knight. XP

…See guys, I can so totally create non-crack. …Mostly. XP And now I think I'm going to go back to writing fanfiction and not touch Macromedia Flash for at least a few months. Weeks. Awww why'm I kidding myself, more like two minutes XP

So yeah. Out of Heaven, COMING SOON.

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