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Shinjuku-Ku is an online based survival game. The players of this game know it to be an extremely addictive one, but they don't fully understand just how addictive it is until it's too late.

With subliminal messaging integrated into the coding and framework of the game itself, the players of Shinjuku become instantly hooked. Shortly after this, they begin to see things from the game in the real world. At this point, it's time to put the game down, isn't it? That's easier said than done, especially when putting the game on hold doesn't stop their imaginations from getting the best of them.

But they aren't imagining the odd creatures in the shadows or strange sounds in the alleys at night or the unusual thumping coming from some closet or beneath the furniture in their very own homes. It is all real, very real, and they cannot ignore it if they want to live to see the sun rise.

The only way to stop the visions and to free themselves of this game that has made itself apart of their everyday lives is to play. Play and win.

Can they make it to the end or will their lives forever revolve around this eternal nightmare? It's up to the players' to figure that out for themselves.

Mod Contact
Angie - omgitsuperangie via AIM or
Snook - Shikaface via AIM or

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