Cosmo-san (blooming_cosmo) wrote in nejiten,

[MOD POST] NejiTen Meme Anyone?

So I've been wanting to hold an event for quite some time now. And with the fact that we've recently reached 600+ members, I'm more inclined to propose this idea. I would have gone a head and posted it, but I always worry that participation will be low. So here is the idea. I'm hoping some will be interested.

I want to post a NejiTen Drabble Meme. This will involve me posting a thread which will allow users to post a prompt, and then have another member to comment back with a drabble regarding that prompt. I'd like to hold it anonymously, so that no one feels pressure when writing or prompting. For those who don't write, if at anytime you feel inspired to draw art or make graphics based on a prompt, this is definitely okay.

So if at least 10 people are interested, I'll go ahead and start a post for it. I'd love to see lots of participation. It's just for fun, so no pressure. I just want everyone to have fun. :D

- BC
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