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Childhood Contest Entry -- Royalty

Title: Royalty
Author: fatal_red
Rating: K
Warnings: Not worth your time.
Summary: The prince and the pauper, couldn't act proper.
Notes: Rather not long. Kind of came to me on the fly. At least I got in an entry, woohoo!


Tenten was watching him again. Her brown eyes were sparkling with something akin to cleverly-woven mischief, and they were watching him. Neji shifted irritably, trying to impress upon her the importance of silence and solitude during his meditation.

She traced a malformed star into the dirt with her left pointer finger, glancing up at the late afternoon sky idly. She shifted her gaze back to him, and that twinkle in her eye returned. “Hey, Neji.”

If he ignored her, it would go away. She would come to realize that he did not appreciate being ogled at as if some common market trinket. Did she not realize he could read her infernal expression from behind his eyelids?

Neji,” she pressed, a pitch more forward.

. . . What?” Neji caved, knitting his brow, eyes decidedly closed.

Tenten grinned, laying it all down. “You're royalty, right?”

Neji colored. (Jackpot.) He snorted indignantly. “What are you talking about, Tenten?” Neji stood imperiously, brushing off his shorts.

You're a Hyuuga, aren't you?”

He turned away from her. “I'm leaving.”

Okay,” Tenten responded cheerfully, smugly relishing her perfectly predicted results. Neji had no words to say to that, so he obligingly walked off.

Tenten allowed herself to smirk. “He's royalty.”



A/N: I know, I know! It's silly, but I couldn't resist. 

*___* I love my NejiTen.
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