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Drabble time!


I was reading one of those Extremely Angsty Neji-gets-married-to-someone-else fics and it got me into the mood for this drabble. 

“It’s unlike Tenten to be so late,” Ino mused, swirling her tea nonchalantly inside the porcelain cup.  The teahouse was a popular one and was already tightly packed; the three girls had picked their usual table by the window and were now waiting for their friend to show up for an afternoon get-together.    “Oh, wait.”  She tilted her head, peering through the glass.  “There she is.”

“Why is she walking so slowly?” Sakura frowned and glanced at Hinata.  “Did she get injured from your last mission?”

“No…”  The Hyuuga shook her head and watched worriedly as Tenten finally entered the teahouse, looking pale and shocked. 

“Hey guys,” Tenten greeted them detachedly, a far away look in her eyes.  Her hair was slightly disheveled and she kept biting her lips, fingers playing incessantly with the bottom of her shirt.

“What’s up with you?”  Ino raised an eybrow, pulling out a chair for the brunette.  “You look like you’ve just seen a ghost.  Is everything okay?”

“…….Yes,” Tenten murmured hollowly, eyes suspiciously glassy.

Hinata leaned forwards.  “Tenten-san, are you feeling alright?  Do you want us to take you to the hospital?”

“No, no, I’m fine.”  She waved them off vaguely.  “It’s just…..”

“Just what?”  Sakura pressed her fingers to her forehead.  “Nope, no fever.   Chakra channels working properly. You’re not ill, are you?

“No.”  Tenten rested her elbows on the table heavily and buried her face in her hands.  “It's just - Neji, he……he’s getting married,” she told them haltingly, voice muffled and small.


What?  Married?  But wasn’t he with-”  Ino looked like she was going to explode but Sakura shut her up immediately with a warning glance.  Hinata just looked mortified.

“Tenten…..”  Sakura reached out to pat her friend gently on the shoulder but she hardly knew what to say herself.  I’m sorry?  What a jerk?  You’ll find someone better in no time?  Tenten was shaking.  They all knew how much she loved her teammate, had thought that the two would have ended up together one of these days.  Ino’s hands curled into fists.

“Did you know about this?”  She looked imploringly at Hinata. 


“I’m going to kill that bastard!” the blonde snarled angrily.  “Who is he getting married to?”

Tenten mumbled something incoherently through her fingers.  Sakura shook her gently.  “Look, it might help to talk about it.”

They watched sympathetically as the weapons mistress finally lifted her head from her hands.  She took a deep, shaky breath.  “Neji…..is getting m-married……” And to their surprise, Tenten’s face suddenly split into an enormous, smug grin, voice rising in pitch with giddy, almost hysterical happiness:  “….to me.”


Heh.  I mean, who else?

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