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Heck yeah, it's 10PM and I am SO on time to reveal the answers, it's a miracle. ('Cause you know, I'm like, always late. XP)


ENTRY A: haggath
ENTRY B: sapphireluna
ENTRY C: wordynessie
ENTRY D: toboe_lonewolf
ENTRY E: jalollipop
ENTRY F: wingsover
ENTRY G: miss_wildcatt
ENTRY H: fatal_red

And we had not one, but TWO people get all their guesses correctly! Congratulations, fatal_red and blooming_cosmo!

(Alas, my Photoshop skills is not so good. I even considered drawing some sort of presentational comic for this post, but then, it would've come out like this.)

And for the lulz, I also tabulated how many authors were guessed on each entry and which entries were guessed for each author. Authors guessing on their own entry were not counted (so if X author wrote Y entry, their count for Y entry wouldn't count, but their guesses on W, Z, T entries would.) Since I wasn't sure if you wanted your guesses to be public or not, I have left them screened; you're free to reveal yourselves if you'd like to now on this post/the comm/the Nejiten oekaki board/the world. XP And now, the stats!

By the entry:
ENTRY A [haggath] :: haggath 4, wordynessie 1, 1 toboe_lonewolf, 1 fatal_red
ENTRY B [sapphireluna] :: sapphireluna 3, jalollipop 4
ENTRY C [wordynessie] :: jalollipop 1, wingsover 2, wordynessie 3, sapphireluna 1
ENTRY D [toboe_lonewolf] :: miss_wildcatt 1, toboe_lonewolf 6, sapphireluna 1
ENTRY E [jalollipop] :: toboe_lonewolf 1, fatal_red 2, jalollipop 2, haggath 2, wordynessie 1
ENTRY F [wingsover] :: jalollipop 1, sapphireluna 1, wingsover 6
ENTRY G [miss_wildcatt] :: fatal_red 1, miss_wildcatt 6, wordynessie 1
ENTRY H [fatal_red] :: wordynessie 2, haggath 1, fatal_red 3, sapphireluna 1

By the author:
wordynessie [ENTRY C] :: [2H, 1A, 1G, 3C, 1E]
fatal_red [ENTRY H] :: [1G, 2E, 3H, 1A]
sapphireluna [ENTRY B] :: [3B, 1C, 1D, 1F, 1H]
miss_wildcatt [ENTRY G] :: [1D, 6G]
haggath [ENTRY A] :: [1H, 4A, 2E]
wingsover [ENTRY F] :: [6F, 2C]
jalollipop [ENTRY E] :: [1C, 1F, 2E, 4B]
toboe_lonewolf [ENTRY D] :: [1E, 1A, 6D]


And now I just wanted to say a huge, MAJOR THANK YOU to all who participated, to each and every author, who are made of win and pwnzor, to each and every guesser, and to everyone in the comm, for being awesome. Nejiten FTW, yo. XD
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