wordynessie (wordynessie) wrote in nejiten,

"An Everlasting Vow" fanart collection status

I think it's about time I let everyone know how things are going on the storybook progress. So far, there's been a great amount of claims but no fanart. ^_^ I know things are in the process, which is fantastic. Just to stay organized, here's a list of whose got which chapter/scene and what is still available.

Chapter 1 - gum_mastah
Chapter 2 - xxlonelyxgrlxx
Chapter 3 - eshtar (FINISHED)
Chapter 4 - ten_kaichi
Chapter 5 - winged_gypsii
Chapter 6 - OPEN
Chapter 7 - melodramaniac
Chapter 8 - OPEN
Chapter 9 - Shin
Chapter 10 - shawnyw
Chapter 11 - OPEN
Chapter 12 - kayez12 (FINISHED)
Chapter 13/Epilogue - Hinamori-san (from the NejiTen FC)

If you missed the original post and have no idea what I'm talking about, you can read it all here.

An Everlasting Vow" can be read here on the comm, or at nessiegg, or at Fanfiction.Net here.

If you could, sound off! Let me know where you're at!

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