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25 March 2008 @ 09:10 pm
Nejiten Guessing Game: Submissions!  
Hey guys! Opening up the Nejiten community guessing game! Here's the prompt and the submission entry post.

Nature does not communicate with man by sending encoded messages.

--Oscar Hechter, in Biology and Medicine into the 21st century, 1991.

Submissions are open from now to April 30th. Please post your entry (approximately 500-1500 word limit) to this post (which will be screened). Also, if you'd like, please give a link to your fanfic profile/archive so when it's time to guess, there's something to "compare" your writing to and if you've never written a fanfic before, there's no stopping you from writing more between now and then =D

Rules and Details:
1. Submissions will run from March 25 to April 30.

2. The guessing post and the entries will be posted May 2nd (so there's some leeway for people not on US Central time XP)

3. Entries should be around 500-1500 words (so they can fit nicely within 2 comments XP). If you need 2 comments, please label them accordingly in the comment subject. And Neji/Tenten should be in the entry, of course. XP

4. If you'd like, please post a link to your fanfic archive/profile so that when guessing time comes, I can post a link to your other works so there's something to "compare" to. Obviously I won't tell who did it, but your other fanfics will become something like a "hint." If you do not want to provide a link, please state so in your entry. (Otherwise I will assume you forgot and will go into Toboe-stalker mode and I don't think you want that. XD)

4. Absolutely NO HINTING or posting of your entry ANYWHERE ELSE. Don't tell anyone! That'll take out all the fun!

5. Sorry, you can't partner with anyone, or submit a fanart entry. I thought about fanart, but art styles are pretty easy to pick out (it's visual), while text is a bit more "leveling."

6. Yes, even if you've never written a fanfic before, you can enter. You're also free to guess when the time comes. And just because you've never written before, that doesn't mean you can't write some between now and then! It'll be like a super secert entry! Obviously you won't be able to advertise your entry to this game, but you can definitely post about any other new fics that come after this! If you do, you can post here about your other fanfic so I can reference it on the guessing post.

7. Sorry, only one entry per person. Unless we happen to get like, 20 entries, then maybe we can have doubles. Otherwise then I think double-entries might tip things.

8. ...I'll elaborate more on the guessing details when that time comes. XP Basically anyone can guess and comment on the entries, and the authors can't give themselves away.

Any questions or comments can be posted here.

Stuff about the prompt:

It's...kind of a trend of mine to create a prompt out of a sentence from a textbook. I wasn't sure if that was even possible for this game, because that in itself is a challenge. For this contest, I also wanted something that could cater to the humorous side and the serious side. So half the reason this game took forever to start was because I wanted something that could be interpreted both ways. XP

This prompt came out of my Physiology textbook, out of the "Sensory Physiology" chapter. AKA sight, hearing, taste, touch, and smell. And for the biology geeks out there, I'm going to throw in transcription, DNA, and neural pathways. And for those that aren't, don't worry, the prompt works both ways. >D

EDIT: No, you don't have to incorporate the sentence into your entry or use a specific word or anything like that. It is simply a prompt, something for your mind to start off from. I wanted to use a prompt since it'll show an author's "individuality." So go forth and be wild. XD