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Calling all NejiTen fan artists!

*This message has been approved by blooming_cosmo. ^_^

I come with a challenge!

I'm not sure how many people have been following the CRACK fic I've been working on, An Everlasting Vow, so for those who don't know: it's a spoof of the animated feature "The Swan Princess," a really lovely movie that I've decided to use to joke around with my favorite pairing in Naruto.

I thought it would be really fun to get a bunch of illustrations to go with the fic so that we could have a NejiTen storybook project to look at! Think of that a second: "NejiTen storybook." Doesn't that just sound fun?

So! I'm looking for artists who would be interesting in doing some illustrations for An Everlasting Vow that I can eventually log together with the fic for a storybook effect!

Like to draw but don't like coloring? Don't think you can draw but like to do some digital coloring? Excellent! XD I know we have some people here who may not be so hot with picture-making (such as myself) but like coloring (such as BC, who may kill me now for singling her out. Mercy)! Likewise, I've seen some fantastic lineart by people who tend to stop there and leave the coloring to someone else.

I think this would be a fun community project, and really, who doesn't want to see Tenten transform into a swan and vice versa? Or Neji as a dreamy prince?

The fic is not yet completed, but I've been able to write a lot more lately so updates should come quickly enough to surprise you. Now...


Ideally, I would like to see at least one illustration for each chapter so that when it's all put together, every chapter will have some shiny art to go with it!

Interested artists can claim an already existing chapter in the comments of this post, or, since there are more chapters on the way, you can wait and see if there will be a chapter later you'd like to do something for. (I intend to be very flexible with those who may want to illustrate for chapter two, since so much happens in that chapter. You would just have to let me know which scene/image you'll be illustrating so that we don't get the same thing twice.)

I only ask that each picture have something to do with either Neji or Tenten, but preferably it would feature both of them. (Example: In chapter two, an adolescent Tenten flirts with Shikamaru. An illustration could be done for this, with Neji watching jealously in the back or something.) If there's a scene featuring only one of them with secondary characters or secondary characters by themselves, chances are I won't tell you no. I'm a sucker for pretty pictures in general.

So, artists of NejiTen! Challenge on!

For reference, you can find all posted chapters of An Everlasting Vow at Fanfiction.Net (here), or at my fic journal, nessiegg, or in various posts here at the NejiTen community.

Thanks in advance to those who decide to participate! I hope this is a fun idea!

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