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18 February 2008 @ 06:03 pm
Back Again  

I noticed this meme in sapphireluna's post and couldn't resist!  I can't decide if I love em or hate em, but here they are:

NejiTen Music Meme 10 Drabbles


1. Killer Queen - Queen

Their ANBU team had been assigned to an assiassination, deep in hostile territory.  Things had gone south fast after they'd killed their mark.  Now, they were wading through the dead, slashing and hacking and surviving.  A glance to his right revealed dragons made of smoke and metallic rain.  Tenten was a paradox of grace and sharp edges. Lethal and graceful.  Beautiful and deadly.  As she glided back to the ground, she gathered one of the katana that had falled from her scrolls and began to methodically fight--no dance--her way back to him.  His killer queen.


2. Fighting Dreamers - Naruto Ending

Sitting on the training field at sundown, Tenten watched with quiet happiness as Neji and Lee sparred.  She had come a long way from the nameless orphan abandoned at the gates of Konoha.  Tenten had carved a place into this world, given her life purpose.  She was a kunoichi of the Hidden Leaf.  The Weapons Mistress of Konoha.  Shielding her eyes, she glanced into the setting sun.  Whatever comes my way...War with Sound, an attack on Konoha, meeting the Atatsuki...I'm ready.  Absoute certainty and purpose settled into her body, bone-deep and reassuring.


3. Smooth Criminal - Alien Ant Farm

The staccato roar of gunfire shattered the silence of the alley.  A tall, pale-eyed man in a crisp, black suit calmly lowered his arm.  Assessing the crumpled body of the thug, he smirked with icey pride. 

He tucked the weapon back into the holster at his waist and turned to face the girl who'd been accosted by the thug only moments before.  Cocking his head a millimeter to the left he addressed her in a monotone, "Come with me."

Once he'd spoken, he spun on his heel and sauntered out of the alley without a backwards glance.  Tenten starred after him, frozen for a moment before wobbling to her feet and trotting to catch up.


4. Tempted to Touch - Rupee

Neji surveyed the dancefloor below him with thinly veiled anger.  Lee had just informed him that Tenten had moved on their target.  Trying to ignore the cloying hands of the insipid woman at his side, his dour mood only worsened when he spotted his female teammate. 

Dancing so close he could scarcely tell where her body ended and his began, Tenten was swaying and bouncing to the rhythm of the music with Ken Maito.

The Neo Samurai was working his hands steadily over her back, down to her gently curved hips.  Tenten's borrowed micro-mini was riding up, making the skirt impossibly short. And displaying a pair of toned, endless legs.

A groan rose from the railing beneath his hands as his anger triggered his gravity-manipulation.  Releasing the bar from his grasp, he glared at the clear imprint of his hands on the metal.

Refocusing on the grinding pair below, he concentrated on the miniscule space between the man's mesh-covered chest and Tenten's slender back.  A smirk lit his handsome features.  Ken wouldn't be pressing much closer now, would he?


5. Into the Ocean - Blue October

Tenten's eyes rolled back as the electrical shock spilled over her prone body.  Distantly she could hear Ken's jeering voice, but mostly she just heard static.  Random thoughts and fears slithered through her mind.  She couldn't die by her own element...it was so wrong. Where were her teammates? Gai? Where they okay? As the current fluxed again, Tenten spasamed and screamed.  Rather than static and darkness, she heard a soft lullaby, saw a pale light.  Fear seized her.  She was dying.  The certainty of that statement was so deep she couldn't question it. She was dying and she couldn't tell Neji she loved him.  Everything: her hopes, dreams, goals, were drifting away from her fingertips...replaced by a soft white light.


6. Me Against the World - Simple Plan

Neji spun, activating his Ulitimate Defense.  Rather than the usual calm he felt when he trained, foregin thoughts invading his conscienceness.  The oppression of the Main House.  Their scorn of him.  His father's death.  His fate.  A million insecurities and nightmares spilled over in his head.  His body spun, digging a crator into the dirt with its raw power.  In his mind he railed and roared and fought ghosts. 

He was going to change his destiny.  Clearing his mind, the last picture he dispelled was one of brown eyes and a confident smile.  He was going to make his own way. For himself. And for her.


7. Hysteria - MUSE

An animalistic sound ripped itself from Neji's throat when he saw Tenten fall.  The nin attacking her faltered at the roar, spinning not-quite-fast-enough to save himself.  Every chakra port in his body was slammed shut almost instantaneously.  Inside his chest his heart exploded.  Neji felt the same, crouching to the cooling form of his friend, his lover, his wife.  At the sight of her finally closed eyes, he felt his blood stop pumping.  Something primal escaped in his mind, and the rest of the fight was a whurr of blades and blood.  A demon unleased.  When he was done, he lay down beside her.  Finished and at peace.


8. Brown Eyed Girl - Van Morrison

The first thing he remembers noticing was her brown eyes. They were so symbolic of all she was.  They were, at first glance, plain.  Common.  But at second glance, one could make out black and gold slivers, like veins of precious metal streaking her irises.  Standing in the sunlight laughing, she was breathtaking.  He couldn't remember for his life how he'd ever thought her plain.


9. Radium Eyes - Count Zero

Of all the things she admired about Neji, the first thing she fell in love with was his eyes.  The windows to his being.  Violet so pale most thought them white.  Days of studing their slight variations and shade changes faded into weeks, months, years...By the time they made Jou-nin she could gage his mood in a second, with a look at those eyes.  They were a seamless pair, a single entity.  He with his bottomless eyes that only she could read.  Most thought that black was the color of endless depth, of the void.  But Tenten knew it was a white so pure it tinted violet. 


10. I Get It - Chevelle

The day she was released from the hospital, Tenten threw herself headlong into her training.  Fresh from defeat at the Chu-nin exams, her pride was raw.  The knowledge that the rest of her team had advanced only worsend the blow. 

Sensing the chakra hovering unapologetically at the edge of the training field, Tenten's mood soured further.  She ignored Neji for as long as she could. 

His voice carried on the wind.  "You are being foolish."

Tears filmed her eyes even as rage pooled in her veins. How dare he? The next kunai she threw split its target cleanly in half.

"There was nothing you could have done to offset her Wind-based Jutsu.  That is fact."

Spinning to face her arrogant teammate, she hissed, "It is also fact that I am the weakest link of our team."

Chakra strings exploded from her fingertips, recalling the scattered armory.  Before she could trun to flee, he replied, "No. Never the weakest.  You hold us together, Tenten."

**Note: #4 and #5 are references to my previous NejiTen fic: Technopath
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Sapphire Lunasapphireluna on February 19th, 2008 04:18 pm (UTC)
You write a lot in such a short time! XD
Was a fun meme, wasn't it?
bluegreenapplesbluegreenapples on February 19th, 2008 08:29 pm (UTC)
Lol, I do speed-write. It's the refining that takes me forever -_-
It was an awesome meme, it really got my writing flowing so I could get back to working on my other stuff. I really enjoyed it, thanks for posting it! :D