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09 January 2008 @ 04:32 pm
Over the course of my being in the Nejiten fandom, I have given you fanfic. I have given you fanart, which amazingly I think I have improved upon over the years (this, of course, on a relative scale XP). I have attempted icons, tried banners, made wallpapers, and done scanlations. I have made mashed up dub-overs, 20-second music videos, crack fsts, and silly song rewrites. But there is one thing I have not yet done. And that, to the most awesome and wonderful Nejiten community, is FLASH ANIMATION.

I present to you the crackiest cracktastic Nejiten crack in the history of crack. Perhaps even in all existence of Nejiten crack. I present to you…

DISNEY NEJITEN CRACK by toboe_lonewolf
View at: Newgrounds || Sheezyart || [DA xpost]

[[I actually drew it for full-screen viewing, but Flash scales perfectly (and doesn't take longer to download either) so it technically doesn't matter if you watch it at its regular size of 550 x 400 or via full-screen. However, I do believe the crack factor goes up about nine thousand with full-screen. =D Want to see it blown up to unbelievably cracky proportions? Click [here]. I do, however, elaborate more on the creation process and give more links in the SA artist comment section.]]

Yes, it's Nejiten, animated to Disney cheesy sappy romantic cheeseball songs. And yes, it is major, major crack. There is more crack crammed in this Flash than you can shake a stick at. LOL!crack, wut crack, shirtless!Neji crack, Major Crack, and a massive dumpload of CRACK-SAP. Eight Disney movies have been crackified to Nejiten, and it is one crazy, crazy ride. XP

I sincerely hope you enjoy this Flash. It's a 1.85MB file, comparable to the Ultimate Naruto Fanflash series size, though obviously as this is my first time using Flash my art and animation pales in comparison to that series. (First flash evar LOLOLOL XP) (Also, after this, I really, really, really want a graphics tablet…drawing the frame-by-frame animation parts was a killer with a mouse. T_T) But I really hope you don't mind waiting for it to download, because I've been working on this for about 2 weeks nonstop and 2 months overall, and seriously, it is the crackiest thing I have ever done.

As with some of my previous works, I have made some tributes to some other great people in the Nejiten community. Catch a wingsover reference, liberal application of wordynessie's smexy Nejiten motto, and the animated creation of a conversation that happened in the Nejiten NarutoFan fanclub. You guys all roxxors my soxxors.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to collapse in exhaustion now. *flops over*


EDIT 2: TOBOE IS AN IDIOT GUYS. T_T I would've sworn the fanart I used as a reference in the Tarzan scene was done by saccharinesyrup. However, it wasn't (saccharinesyrup's ART STILL ROCKS THOUGH GO LOOK AND BOW DOWN) so I'll have to fix the credits.
Sakyh-chan ♥twilightxspell on January 10th, 2008 01:45 am (UTC)
HOLY CRAP OF CRAPNESS no words to describe how utterly COOL that was, but I think I just summed it up all right there. OMG LOOK AT THE SHIRTLESS NEJIS! Gai and Lee were hilarious. Good job with this! I admire your hardwork *_*

A few questions though. Is it possible to download this as a .wmv or a .mpeg? And how do you make flash animations in general?
Toboe LoneWolf: *GEEK* (Ph34r me.)toboe_lonewolf on January 11th, 2008 01:03 am (UTC)
SHIRTLESS NEJI FTW. No Nejiten crack of mine on this epic scale is not going to have shirtless Neji, nosirree.

No, you can't download this as a .wmv or .mpeg as it's a .swf file. You can, however, convert it, but that takes up a LOT of CPU power and the quality goes down A LOT. You make Flash animations using either the Macromedia Flash program or the Shockwave program; I used Macromedia Flash MX 2004.