Cosmo-san (blooming_cosmo) wrote in nejiten,

Festival Music

Since Christmas will be soon upon us, certain festival events will be held after Christmas. Events and threads already open will remain open and active through out the holiday. Also, feel free to continue posting any NejiTen goodness you'd like to share as well. So far, everything is going smoothly. Let's keep it that way as we bring some music to the festival. :D

Like last year, we will be opening this thread for any NejiTen related music you'd like to post. Any music posted in here will be made into our official FST for the festival. Make sure the music you choose has some relevance to the pairing. If you are capable of uploading the song you've mentioned, please do so. It will be really helpful. If you upload it at, I'll love you even more. Please only comment with ONE song for right now.

For those who signed up to help with this thread, all you'll need to help out with is uploading music. So if a member comments with a song, but no download, see if you can find the song and upload it for them instead. I will start us off.

1. Weapons Wired by The Higher [lyrics]
2. Beautiful As You by All 4 One [lyrics]
3. Beautiful Love by The Afters [lyrics]
4. Sister Vikki by The Kissinger [No Lyrics Available]
5. 3 Libras by A Perfect Circle [Lyrics]
6. Stand Inside Your Love by Smashing Pumpkins [lyrics]
7. Dreams of an Absolution [Remix] by Lee Brotherton and Jun Senoue [lyrics]
8. Things I'll Never Say by Avril Lavigne [lyrics]
9. Time of Dying by Three Days Grace [lyrics]
10. You Are My Sunshine by __________ [lyrics]
11. All We Are by One Republic [lyrics]
12. Tonight, the Night by BONNIE PINK [lyrics]
13. Shy That Way by Jason Mraz and Tristan Prettyman [lyrics]
14. Smooth by Carlos Santana featuring Rob Thomas of Matchbox 20 [lyrics]
15. When It Rains by PARAMORE [lyrics]

Mirrors for listed songs can be obtained here, thanks to light_flower. LOVE HER!
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